Friday, December 12

shea butter soap

I retreated into the kitchen and proceeded to make soap to calm myself. I also made some sweet little bathmelts and then decided to really go for it and make some hair conditioner. And it worked!
Here is my latest soap karite e fior di riso, shea and riceflower with 25% shea butter. Mmmmm!

What some people may NOT know is that soap takes at least a month to cure before it can be sold. So you have to be organised quite far ahead.

I'm getting there!


  1. Now I wish I had waited a few hours to buy THOSE! They look so cute.
    Thanks again for the soaps; I'm ridiculously excited (and your payment has been taken care of). I'll be keeping up with your blog from now on, as I love reading about those in Italy!

  2. Dear Charlie, Happy New Year from Canada and Ajax were it snowed yet once again last night but at least the sun is out.I wish you Good Health and Joy and Love and Prosperity !
    Luv Nellie from Ajax

  3. Happy New Year from New York City! After a long tedious drive home from visiting my parents, I stopped to check the mail. I was tired.
    A wonderful aroma filed the air when I opened the mailbox! There it package from Italy. I love, love the soap and body butter. Will definitely be getting more!!

    Rox M

  4. Those soaps look great.


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