Thursday, January 8

La Befana

On the last day of the Christmas holidays Skye, who had been playing in the piazza, heard the music approaching from one of the alleyways that lead to the beach. She threw down her skipping rope and ran up the steps to wait for the musicians to appear in front of her.

But when four enormous Befana appeared, marching towards her with scarily blank eyes she let out an ear-piercing scream and scarpered back down the steps to hide behind one of the stone lions. The huge Befana (Epiphany witches) handed out lollipops to the other braver children, but Skye stayed hidden, peeping out from behind the lion to check that she hadn't been seen. Even when the Befana proceeded to line up and dance the Macarena (a most bizzarre sight), she would not be coaxed out.

Eventually the creatures left the beach and normal activites resumed, namely skipping, scootering and pizza-eating. The next day school recommenced, as did the rain.


  1. I love it when those unexpected things happen. What's with all this rain?

  2. I saw the post Max did on your soaps. Where were the funny faces?
    Did you censor it!
    Let me know if you are ready to be linked again?

  3. They certainly are four big and scary Befana! Sorry to hear about all of the bad weather you are getting in Italy this Winter. Good luck!

  4. Nell said
    Dear Charlie please tell Lila that there is a song to sing to Abefana, I learned in Nursery school in Sicily.Abefana lisha lisha va encabol
    ese pishia, ese pishia la soltana, viva viva Abefana. Sicilian dialect but phonetically spelled.witch witch in her nightie goes upstairs to go peepee, but she ends up wetting her night gown, long life to the witch. just does,t make sense in English but makes me laugh in Italian.She'll be the only kid in town who'll know this bazetta, if its not known.


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