Thursday, January 22

a walk above Positano

We climbed out of town and up through the ancient mountain pathways, stopping every now and then for a drink and an admiring glance at the view.

Far into the distance we couild see the coastline of South Italy mistily appearing above the sea. It seemed to beckon us with unexplored places, but we would have to wait another day to explore that region.

High up in the mountain we came across a small cave, a flower and candle fewstooned shrine to the Madonna. Sunlight slashed its way through the pine trees and into the little grotto, lighting up the shrine with magical golden rays.

Every now and then we would catch a glimse of our village, nestled below, patiently awaiting our return. As the sun sunk into the sea, turning the world around us orange, we made our way down through pine forests and olive trees, eagere to arrive home before dark.
Fingers crossed for no rain on Sunday, a new adventure awaits...


  1. Absolutely stunning photos. So great to get out and explore. The small cave is amazing, I wonder how long it has been there? Without exploring I supoose no one knows it is there!

    I hope your next adventure, finds you such delights..enjoy!

  2. Nell said,
    how moving to find a little grotto for a Madonna , the world is full of signs of faith hidden away for searchers to find. Great way to spend the day hiking through pine forests fragrant and olive tree's that have the sun dappling through the their leaves.

  3. Really nice Charlie, wish I could be exploring/hiking! Unfortunately if I were to do that here I might freeze to death in a snowbank and never be found! Can't wait to see pics of your next adventure...just call me the Icicle Queen.

  4. Back in 2001 a friend and I vacationed in Positano. On our 1st night there one of the local gentleman was kind enough to show my friend the "Madonna." Jen, are you reading this?

    P.S. I'm in the states can I purchase your soaps?

  5. Thank you for posting those Beautiful Pictures. It is so nice to see all of that green in them as the ground here is covered with about a foot of snow.

  6. Yes Gigi, I deliver worldwide.
    Gil, that was a few weeks ago, we seem to be in the middle of a long rainy season at the moment!

  7. You know how I feel about those hiking trails. I wish I could go on one this weekend.



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