Wednesday, February 25

Highlights of the Carnevale

The 'fruitboys' (fruit and vegetable vendors) dressed as fruits..
Little mermaids playing harps..
The fantastic Flintstones float which won hands down for best float...
And the octupus woman dancing with tentacles flying..
More photos of the Carneval are here.


  1. Thank you for posting your beautiful pictures. It sure looks like everyone was having fun.

  2. I checked out the pictures. Beautiful and so was Lila!

  3. WOW look at that long hair! You did a great job with the costume :)

  4. Every pic I see of where you live looks better than the last! What a place, even if the locals are a bit small town crazy :) Looks good fun.

  5. When you mentioned the tail in your last post I thought she was going to be a cat again!

  6. Nell said'
    Delightful , whimsical, its candy floss and Carmel corn fabulous Darling! Lila is a Peach to be gobbled up so cute.


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