Sunday, February 1

no school

Yesterday, just by chance, I discovered a sign pasted up in a corner of the bar:

The elementary school will be closed, due to urgent reparation work, from the 30th January until the 8th February.

After further investigation, I learned that due to all the recent heavy rainfalls the roof of the school was deemed "about to collapse into the fourth grade classroom" and the school had been closed down so that emergency restructuring could be carried out.
There are many doubts that the work will be finished by the 8th February.

No school indefinitely.
Bad weather forecast.
Bored child with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

I did the only sensible thing and grabbed the child, packed a bag and jumped on the next flight to London. Precisely 20 hours after I saw that notice, we are happily settled in, munching on hot cross buns and sipping steaming cups of tea, whilst marvelling over the ingenuity of real central heating that actually warms the house (unheard of in Italy), and planning all sorts of exciting things to do in the next week.

Of course, we haven't really escaped the bad weather. As I sit and write this, Skye is shrieking in excitement, jumping up and down by the window, watching the snowstorm that has suddenly materialized outside.


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  2. Hi I find it really strange that the school didn't let you know.

    Yes huge snow storms predicted for the UK, I don't know whereabouts you are , no snow here in Oxfordshire yet..we are waiting...but one thing the gale storms are really brewing up!

    I hope that you and Lila have a great time whilst you are here and get home safely. :-)

  3. No! We're sending something in the mail to Lila!

    Let's hope it doesn't get lost, and that it'll be there for her to pick up when you get back again.

  4. You chose the perfect time - at least Lila gets to see some real snow. Get your wellies on and enjoy !


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