Sunday, March 29

back home

And home again.Met by Carlo at the airport and whisked off to his Mammas house, before even dropping the suitcases off at home, I was immediately made to sit down in front of a huge plate of pasta, as if a week in England must have nearly starved me to death.

I arrived just in time to find Skye feverish and glassy-eyed with what I hope is only man-flu, tucked up in bed and in need of Mummy-love. I wrap her in a blanket and let her watch a film, curled up on the sofa with the cats. Outside the temperature is balmy compared to England. I've brought back a few boxes of pots and bottles for balms and oils and need to find somewhere to store them. Now, if I could get rid of all the wool I have stored away, I would have loads of cupboard space. I wonder if I've got the willpower to make a blanket?


  1. Your knitted dollies are adorable and the doilies are just like the ones my mom makes and sew together to make a nona shawl.
    I think you should sell them with your baby soap line.
    Said Nell...
    Its never bad when people make a fuss over you , eat the pasta and drink the wine and sit out in the sun.

  2. Definately, keep going with blanket, I'm a couple of stages ahead of you but really into it now. I'm going to try and post some pics later this evening. Did you make dollies, if so, where did you get pattern??

  3. Wow...did you make those!? SO cute!

  4. Hey I was going to say that too NELL! Tuck one of those cute little dolls in with your soaps that would be cool! Yes our mother makes dolls too...I wish I knew how, I only know how to crochet blankets.

  5. The Dolls are gorgeous you should definetly sell them, thankyou for the comment. Do you ship to the U.K?
    Louise xx

  6. See, more comments on the dolls. The evening has raced head and I've ran out of time, sorry, I did look for an email address as I've just downloaded some photos of squares, I've been blocking them idea, jusy following Lucy's instructions.Promise I'll do a post tomorrow, I'm shattered!!

  7. I agree with the first commenter, well many commenters. Those dolls are cute and you should sell them.
    I hope Lila is better.

  8. Your dolls are precious! Have you considered selling them on Etsy?

    Kimberly in Texas


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