Friday, March 20


And she's off again...
From here:
To here: I was craving England, I had to go. Just for a few days you understand. I had a spare ticket hanging around, just begging to be used, so this morning I jumped on a plane.
And here I am, wondering how long they'll manage without me. Will they live on pizza and sandwiches? Probably. Will they watch too much TV? Of course. Will they remember to brush their hair? I doubt it, but I don't really care. I have just a few days to indulge in as much Englishness as I can handle because I won't be able to visit again until at least November.


  1. Hello Charlie, thanks for visiting my blog - on your many travels!! and thanks for the lovely comment though I could say the same about where you live, I'd swap Italy for Broadstairs anyday, but I must agree it is nice to come home.

    Enjoy your trip,

    Nina x

  2. Have a wonderful time! Unfortunately you've missed a gloriously sunny spring week, and the forecasters are saying it's going to get colder and wetter for the next week! x

  3. I hope your husband and little girl are getting on without you? Of course they are...having lots of fun together..:-)

    I wonder why you miss England so much...Is it just your family or lots of things combined?

    Well for whatever reason, just enjoy your Englishness time...:-)

  4. I'd be off to England if I had a boat like that just sitting there begging to be used. Enjoy your trip. I am sure that you were missed in Italy before you even got on the plane.

  5. I'm so jealous that you're from England so you can just jump on a short Ryanair flight home whenever the fancy strikes you. If only I could do that to Australia! :( I really want to go home with Astrid so that she can meet her extended family in Sydney but 50 hours or so on a plane by myself with an 8 month old does not appeal.

  6. I know England is known for its 'wonderful' weather but I admit I am in love with the countryside, with or without fog and/or rain.

    Have a great time.

  7. You have the best of both worlds! Enjoy your time in England...Those are my two dream places to visit - Italy and England...Someday!!!

  8. Hope you had fun in the UK...and ate lots of yummy things you can't get over here in Italy.

    A question about your soap - do you sell direct to the public? I am going to be living in Sorrento for this coming summer and rather then buy online can I buy it direct from you or something?

  9. Hope you have a great time in England. I know how you feel. I live in the UK, but I am from Germany and when the homesickness gets too much I jump in my car and drive over there - all 11 hours

  10. Nell said
    Joy to you that Luca knows when a soul needs to be nourished by hearth and home where one was a child. It gives a comfort that is hard to express sometimes. I am sure when Lila gets older and starts to travel or move away her regeneration will come from her childhood home also.
    Loved the cottage it has an enchantment about it I believe the Fae are near by it!


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