Friday, March 27


I spent the last few days getting lost.
In Oxford I found my way to a car park in the city centre, but only had enough change to pay for an hours parking. So rather than go into a shop to break a twenty pound note for more change I decided to walk around the city as fast as possible and see as much as I could before my time ran out.

What was the logic in that? I then spent the next hour and a half trying to drive around the city to find the river. You know, the river in Oxford where students in stripey blazers and straw hats picnic on the banks while their jolly chums wobble in row-boats, trying to punt back to shore. Alas I saw no river, no punts and certainly no straw hats. I did see a lot of people cycling around, but none in flapping black robes with towers of books balanced on the handlebars.

The next day I got lost again, in the hothouse at Wisley Royal Botanical Gardens. I had arranged to meet a friend amongst the orchids, but it was so huge and there were so many orchids that we wandered around, continually missing each other for quite a while.

Yesterday I decided to stay home and get some work done. I am in the process of redesigning all the soap labels, logos, banners etc. Whilst playing with fonts and colours, I also, via webcam and Skype, supervised Skye while she did her homework back in Italy. Carlo was busy in the kitchen and Skye, forgetting that Mummy was 'in the TV', would give a furtive glance to the kitchen door and get up and creep away from the table where she was supposed to be studying. Then, from my kitchen table in leafy Surrey I would command, "what are you doing? I can see you! Sit back down and do your homework!"
She would jump, and glance at the TV, where I sat watching, and obediently sit back down again.

Technology, eh?


  1. Dare I say you have become the 007 of Surrey, while the Luca has Lila trapped forced to learn codes.
    Too Funny , always a joy.
    Nell said , Is it sculling they do on the Thames on Oxford or is that Cambridge, it all so ENGLISH.

  2. I live near Oxford - the car parks are shockingly exorbitant. I don't understand how you didn't see the river though ... it runs all through the city, under bridges! x

  3. Hi Charlie, I've never been to Oxford so no thoughts here from me, but we moved here from Cambridge and 'yep' sounds a jolly well like the same!!

    Last time we went back there for a visit it cost us £28 'yes' twenty eight pounds to park for just the afternoon!! Next time Park and Ride' you'd think we would have known better!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  4. It sounds as if you are really enjoying yourself and having some time to just relax.
    It is lovely to just desconect from everything every now and again.
    Have fun.

  5. Ha ha! Living in the UK, we would often webcam with my mother in the US. I would strap my daughter into her highchair and park her in front of the computer, where she and her grandmother would coo and gurgle over each other to their hearts' content. And then I, mobile phone in hand, would dart upstairs to use the toilet in peace and solitude -- for the first time in days -- safe in the knowledge that if I were needed, my mother could ring and summon me at a moment's notice.

    Technology indeed! :)


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