Thursday, March 19

no school today

Found in Skyes exercise book, in her handwriting, copied from the blackboard:
Parents are informed, that in accordance with the Mayor, the teachers will be on strike on Wednesday and classes may be disrupted.

Of course, I took 'classes may be disrupted' to mean that there might not be full time supervision, but I thought that as Skye was only in 1st grade, the children would probably be supervised more than the older ones. So we took her to school.

Oh, stupid 'straniera' that I am, when will I learn?
There was nobody in Skyes classroom, or the one next door. No teachers, no children. Apparantly 'classes may be disrupted' actually means 'day off for everybody, so don't come to school'. Apparantly all the other mothers knew. Well, now I know too, I thought as we traipsed back up the 200 stairs from the classroom to road level.

So we decided to go on an adventure. We took the car and drove, up steep winding roads until we were high in the craggy mountains. We encountered many wild animals:

We drove through thick forests of pine, followed by thick forests of chestnuts dan thick forests of beech. We stopped the car and ran through the trees, our voices echoing in the silence around us.
We eventually came to a village, way up high, miles away from anywhere. It seemed abandoned, shutters and doors were closed tightly until the season began. Wild horses (really!) roamed through the streets, barked at by stray dogs. It was quite a chilling scene.
At the top of the mountain we sat down on the sun-warmed rocks and enjoyed a picnic lunch. Way down below us the city of Naples fanned out around its volcano which sat placidly, as it has done for too long. We sat there and watched for a while, before laying down to rest for a while, kissed by the sun.


  1. Instead of writing 'classes may be disrupted you'd think they would write 'don't bother coming to school today because there won't be any classes' to save you and others the hassle of going to school.
    They should be direct and to the point.

  2. Gorgeous pictures - makes me want to be in Italy this very minute. I came across your blog through Bleeding Espresso and am excited to add it to my reader!

  3. Wow, beautiful shots Charlie, what fun. Better then school any day!

  4. Hello, I have just come across you blog an think it looks absolutely beautiful, I'll pop back later for a better read, kiddies and 'what can I eat' are calling!!

    take care for now,

    Nina x

  5. Hello Charlie - thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I've had a lovely time looking at your blog - the pictures are wonderful. I'd like to see Italy someday.

    Your soap looks positively scrummy - so I'm off to look at your Etsy shop now.

    Take care :-)

  6. Wow, you weren't kidding when you wrote "top of the mountain"! And wild horses, I didn't know that still exists!

  7. um, yeah. That was me writing that.

  8. Such beautiful photos, especially the last one! Just look at those views!!

  9. Yeah, they phrase it that way because the concept of the strike in Italy is to "create inconvenience." I'd say they were successful in your case. But it sounds like you had a nice day. I love that last picture!

  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog - it's great to have you over! I was so excited to read Figs and lemons. I spent childhood holidays in Bolsena and took my hubby and two children back to the same place 4 years ago - it was still magical. There will always be a part of me in Italy. Now I can read your blog and pretend I had the courage to do what you did. Your photos are stunning - thank you! Debs x

  11. Nell said
    as I scanned down and read again what happened at the school its a wonder any one gets educated to University there, what with a ll the feast's the saints days, and the strikes its a free for all.
    Italy love or hate its never dull! Magical is a word about your importune car trip, but were are the people of the abandoned village or do you suppose the only come out at night like the pipi stellie. OH that's scary.....

  12. Oh my goodness, this is my first visit to your blog and I am thrilled to find you...your life is so different from my own, so hoilidayish and beautiful, I am loving immersing myself in your days. Picking lemons from the tree, oh my, what a sweet thought.
    Thanks for sharing,,,will be back

  13. hi charlie
    thanks for visiting my blog, I have had a look at your pictures the place you are in looks lovely. Most of the time here in france we understand what is being told to us, but like you everynow and then we doubt ourselves and do the opposite and then think why did I just do or say that!! Its not all roses moving abroad.

    I'll shall drop by now I have found you. I don't post very often as we are busy renovating the barn that we live in. I have another website where you can look at our progress and leave comments in the guestbook.

    julie x


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