Thursday, March 19

Buffalo milk soap

I've decided to leave the cocoa colouring out of the latte di bufala (buffalo milk) soap, and have added some oats instead for a bit of texture.
It is scented with an allergy free fragrance that is milky and sweet and contains milk from the same buffalos that the wonderful local mozzarella comes from. Carlo has made me a mini mold, so I've been making some guest-bar sized logs too.


  1. I'm almost out of soap, once I go back to work I will order some for the summer....any lemon soap left?

  2. Nell said. as Lucia sister I will attempt to abscone with some of her Lemon soap that she will order in the Summer....HEHEHE LOLO...
    Its terrific that Luca is a man of many talents!!


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