Monday, March 16

Customs took my cheesecakes!

Last time I came throught customs at Gatwick airport, on my way back to Naples I was stopped and my hand luggage was thoroughly searched. It was a strange selection of items that the customs officer pulled from my bag. Lets see: a couple of magazines and a paperback novel, a laptop and a phone, a chicken and leek pie fresh from the farm, a couple of GU chocolate and vanilla individual cheesecakes and a pot of Cornish clotted cream.

He lay out these items and slowly shook his head. I gulped.
"You're not going to take away my chicken pie are you? Its for dinner..." I asked him pleadingly. His hand hovered and came to a rest over the box with the 2 cheesecakes inside.
" Not the pie, no, but these? I don't think they are allowed."
" But they're for pudding! I need them..."
He went off to check with his supervisor, but no, small chocolate and vanilla cheesecakes are not allowed to be carried in hand-baggage, although the clotted cream and the pie were fine.
In a panic, I asked if I could eat the cheesecakes there and then, but, no, that was not allowed either. They were binned in front of my eyes and I left sadly, wondering whether I actually could hijack a plane with a cheesecake.

It cheered me up no end when I read this letter in the weekly Telegraph:

As an airline captain I am also searched, along with my crew, prior to bording our aircraft.
On one occasion my nail clippers were confiscated - I assume security consideredthat I might hijack myself with them. Prior to departure, the handling agent presented our pre-flight paperwork, together with a set of chefs knives removed from a passenger. They were given to me for safe-keeping during the flight.
I stored them next to the flight-deck crash axe.
M.M. MacDonald


  1. Ha, ha. This reminds me of when my Christmas crackers were confiscated - or rather just the bangers which the check-in staff then pulled in front of me!

  2. That is hilarious! I wonder why they wouldn't let you eat your cheesecake, though. That is just weird!! They prob pulled them out of the trash when you walked away ...

  3. Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Gavle is further south than where we are in Dalarna, so it's possible they don't have snow. It can change quite a lot the further south/north you travel.
    Those nasty customs people, I bet he just wanted the cheesecakes for himself!

  4. Dear Charlie,
    How lovely to get your message on my blog - and to discover yours! I am a great lover of Italy myself - lived in Rome for a year and au paired in Pavia for quite a few summers and go back whenever I can.... How amazing to live there with your daughter. I do not know Pos, but I guess from what you say it is south of Sorrento?
    Looks like heaven - and I loved the sparkly floats in the carnevale...
    Will love looking in on you from time to time in our parallel universes... Lila looks about Mary's age.
    xx Elspeth

  5. omg that's too funny!

    Methinks somebody wanted a little cheesecake for themselves..

    Lynne, we do have snow! Quite a bit too, although it is melting now (yay!).

  6. Perhaps they were short on dessert for the first class passengers? :)

  7. You know they ate them as soon as you were out of sight. Just like the Parma hams that they took from my neighbor a few years back by customs at JFK.

  8. lol The irony!

    I once brought a tiny painted bottle of Limoncello which was
    25cl over the allowance. They wouldn't let me empty or drink it just to keep the bottle. I've seen people guzzle whisky while standing in line for security at Naples.

  9. GU cheesecake - can you blame them ? That stuff is divine !!

  10. I can't believe they wouldn't at least let you eat the cheesecake instead of confiscating it. I too believe they kept it for themselves.

    Loved the letter from the weekly Telegraph. It is ironic how ridiculous security can be at times. If they only were consistent it would not be as bad, especially since half the rules are really not preventing any type of terrorist attack.


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