Monday, March 9

soap gift sets

Two soap gift sets for sale now on Etsy:

I had some Italian green clay to play around with and made this seaweed and green clay soap with matching green clay bath salts. Of course my printer has now packed up so I can't make any labels!


  1. Hi Charlie
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I was laughing a lot when I found out what is the meaning of che culo ! in italian, the meanings are quite different, in Spanish que chulo means how cool! hahahaha.
    I did't have time to read your whole blog but I read you had some problems with the locals ... hahaha, sorry I know it is not funny but it is exactly the same in the villages here in Spain, gossiping is the national sport, which everyone practises every single day, hahahaha.
    Nice meeting you.

  2. Hurrah, your soaping again :)
    Your packaging is fantastic, that gift set looks very professional!
    I've ordered those bottles for bath salts too, they look great. How did you find the seaweed? Stinks a bit doesn't it.

  3. Nice looking soaps Charlie, pity about the printer as the clay set looks goodly.

  4. Mmmmmmm I can't wait to order more soaps, and I haven't even tried the first ones yet!! I think you've got me hooked :)

  5. I absolutely LOVE the soap you sent me... It is really divine and I'll definately be ordering more! xx


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