Monday, March 23

Leafy Surrey

What more could I wish for? Since I arrived in England the sun has been shining and it's just about warm enough to go out without a coat on. Saturday was spent with Dad, driving through the countryside, stopping off at quaint English villages, to wander past the lovely cottages and watch the boys playing cricket of football on the village greens. Here is a particularly lovely house that we saw:
With the skies so clear and the temperature at around 16C the English had dug out their summer clothes and were all gleefully outside enjoying the lovely weather. Shorts and flip-flops, strappy sun-tops and bare arms were everywhere to be seen. I've been living in sunny Italy too long though and I shivered when I tried to fit in by taking my light coat off.
Here's a narrow Dickens style alleyway that we found in the market town of Horsham:
We drove throught the Surrey countryside and over the border into Sussex, stopping off at villages along the way. Then back through Surrey and past the now empty fields where in my childhood watercress beds flourished, fed by a babbling brook that led past a trout farm and into the little village of Gomshall where a delightful waterwheel still turned in an old mill. It was sad to discover that the mill had been turned into a hamburger restaurant adn the wheel, although still there, had ceased to turn.
Look at this amazing cake I saw in a cake shop in Cranleigh. I wonder what the Italians would think of it!
I wanted a little something that reminded me of the English countryside to take back to Italy when I go in a few days. Imagine my delight when I came across this beautiful handmade bag. I bought it without hesitation and lovingly photographed it amongst the daffodils in the garden! I bought it from Henhouse at Etsy, go and have a browse!


  1. looks like you had a perfect visit. I am in love with that cake and wonder if it is really edible!

  2. So pleased you are enjoying your little piece of Englishness that you soooo miss :-) Loving the bag, how very sweet.

    I saw lots and lots of shorts and T-shirts but I don't think it was that warm...oh yes warmer than the previous week, I had warmer weather in Liguria in November last year!

  3. Hi Charlie,

    that is such a fantastic area, your pictures bring back lots of great memories of the area.

    Oh I wish I could have a house like that one day, I remember wishing that whenever we would take coutry drives and I still do when we go back, maybe one day!!

    Nina x

  4. Hello again,

    I see what you mean about the bunting they do look a bit like g-strings at first glance, I can imagine how that would go down if you hung them up in Italy, the bunting that is and not knickers!!

    Nina x

  5. Love the bag!

    The Swedes are the same, all it takes is a little sun for them to undress - high temperatures aren't necessary. The other day I saw a girl in canvas shoes and cropped pants - and it was zero degrees. But hey, the sun was shining!

  6. I am so glad you were able to get away. It sounded like you have been very homesick for England. I just watched The Holiday where Cameron Diaz switches houses with Kate Winslet. I loved the scenery of Surrey in the movie. I didn't realize you were from there.

    16C is COLD ...BRRRR!!! I don't think I could have even attempted to try to fit in in that temperature. Enjoy the rest of your time in England.

  7. What a cool cake! I would almost be afraid to ruin it by eating a few slices.
    And those are great pictures. I love the one of the house.

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