Friday, April 17

Sentiero degli Dei- Pathway of the Gods

I ran into Scintilla in the bar one morning and we arranged to walk a part of the Sentiero degli Dei, the pathway of the gods, high up in the mountains. We started from Nocelle and walked east towards Praiano. The sun shone strongly and we were hot but every now and then the pathway led us through deliciously cool patches of woodland where the rays of light didn't quite reach.
When we turned a corner and found Praiano spread out before us we couldn't help but notice the old abandoned monastry of San Domenico set high above the village. We found the pathway that led down to the monastry. It was old, crumbling and terrifyingly steep, at certain points we had to climb down backwards, almost crawling. But eventually the pathway led to the monestry garden where fig trees gave welcome shade and wild red roses entwined themselves around statues.
Inside the church it was cool and silent. You could easily imagine the monks going about their work, admiring the old frescoes painted on the walls and ringing the bell that kept watch over the town below. We stayed for a while to relax in the garden before making our way back to town and the present day.


  1. What a beautiful walk and the views are amazing!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  2. You are a brave girl, I would have been terrified. Beautiful photography, as always.

  3. Beautiful Charlie. You're lucky to live in such a stunning place.

  4. What a wonderful hike that was! And I love the soap swirls.

  5. How beautiful!!!
    I was wondering what happened to Scintilla. I'm glad you two are friends, it'll be easier to hook up with the both of you if and when I come to visit (not this year). One year
    Were you tempted to ring the bell? I would be!

  6. What stunning scenery to experience on your very brave walk (hike!). Beautiful.

  7. Hi Charlie,
    Oh thanks for this story which reawakend such a nice memory for me!
    Oh yes, I did this hike to the monastary from Nocelle last October with a man and his wife who are from Praiano and some other people. It was really beautiful, I agree. and the monastary is a very serene place. They had some wine and pizza and fruit waiting for us when we got there and we had a picnic. I walked down into Praiano after with a woman who pointed out all of the herbs growing along the path..

    So steep I think I would never have made it without that couple!
    L fr NY

  8. Nell said,
    How envious I am that you should come across such a treasure high in hill just waiting to be admired again.
    Great photo's.

  9. It was a spectacular walk! But you were a great guide. Wait till you see my post on it. But you'll have to have patience... I've got to unpack first.

  10. that looks terrifying as it does beautiful!

  11. Wow such a great walk and with Scintilla...:-) You must of had a wonderful day.


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