Wednesday, April 1

I wake up late to find Skye snuffling but still fast asleep, buried in the duvet beside me. She was up most of the night coughing and yesterday I had sent her to school thinking she was OK, but had received an accusing phone call from the teachers a couple of hours later.
"Your daughter non c'e la fa (she can't manage). She seems tired and maybe even has la febbre, a fever."
Back home, she suddenly made a miraculous recovery and bounded around the house gleefully until I suggested she do the homework that the teachers had given her, whereas she collapsed weakly to the floor, emphasising how ill she was by groaning, coughing and holding her head. But then when she went to bed, she started coughing for real, and didn't sleep much, so no school today.

Outside it is sunny, breezy and a freakishly warm 20 degrees. It woulod be nice to go to the beach, but what is the protocol with a child off school due to a bad cough? Do I have to keep her in bed all day? Are we allowed out at all, even if just to the farmacia to get some cough sweets? One is probably not supposed to take an ill child to the beach, but it is so warm and sunny outside, how can it do harm?

I take my cup of tea outside and checxk on the creams and scrubs I made a couple of days ago. I lay out the squares I have made for a possible blanket, minus those destroyed. Skye, trying to be helpful decided to cut off all the ends that I had not yet weaved in, so the whole thing unravelled into strands or colourful wool. I think about tomorrow. Carlo has a day off so maybe we could do something fun while the weather is so nice.
As if on cue the death bell from the church starts chiming its sombre warning.I sigh, Carlo will, it seems, not be having a day off tomorrow, after all.


  1. Oooh, a granny square blanket! I love those, I remember them very fondly from my student/hippie days in the early 70s. I finally managed to finish mine after two years in the making, lol. So you go, girl, finish it, you will love the end result ( just hide the scissors from Lila, lol )

  2. I'd say that with the Italian obsession for 'healthy sea air', you'd be perfectly within your right to take her to the beach... but then again, there is the danger that a slight warm breeze might induce pneumonia :-)

  3. Hello, me again, I reallyreally have posted photos of my squares now and linked to your page.
    It's warm and sunny here too, I'd take her to the beach.....

  4. Nell said,
    Fresh air never killed anyone! A sunny warm beach and invigorating sea air even better. Do however get her lots of ginger ale or sprite not coke and some cough sweets.
    Do take note I'm sure there are several of Lila's school friends who are also suffering from the change of weather colds.Touching and transferring every little germ around the class.
    My daughter did every spring like clock work.Runny nose cough and the salute , that's when they rub up their nose with the palm of their hands[ allergies].
    Love those granny squares had a vest made of them in the early 70's.
    Sorry about the death bell but then its never a good day to go is it?

  5. It's funny Marina does the same thing...not well at school but when I get her home she's full of piss and vinegar as they say.
    Yeah, gingerale is great if you have it...but lots of hot drinks are too. Tea and honey. Marina's favourite. Did you make Body scrubs or face scrubs? I usually just knit one big square. I should take a picture of it. Hope you enjoyed the beach today by the time you see this it will be evening! It's my lunch time now.

  6. Hi Charlie, love the grannie squares blimey that sounds so old fashioned!! Why are they called grannie square?? Does it have anything to do with a grannie? - sorry, it's been a very, v.long day!!

    Hope your little one feels better soon, warm lemon and honey is a good remedy!

    take care,

    Nina x

  7. Hey girl, just wanted to know if you received my order-

  8. Hi there!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog.
    I sell the packs of Ikea fabrics..but am getting quite low now. The details are here if you are interested:

    Have fun ;-)


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