Wednesday, April 22

very important document

Just about to start work for the season and I am told that I am missing a Very Important Document from the Office of Employment, which I must have before I can start. So bright and early in the morning I set off for the Office of Employment which, once located conveniently next to the post office at the top of the village, has now been moved to an office four towns away down the wiggly coast road. I settle into the car for a long(ish) lonely drive but just out of town pick up an expat friend on his way to Amalfi.How much more fun a journey is when there is somebody to talk to! And the conversations we had! It didn't matter that the road was closed for half an hour while abseilers wrapped the mountain in chicken wire to stop landslides. It didn't matter that we kept getting held up by the numerous tourist coaches that bumble along with all the time in the world.

I was fascinated to discover this friend was interested in regression therapy. He told me about his past lives from the 12th century onwards, places he had been, things he had seen and the transgression from one life to another. He offered to regress me (is that how you say it?) but I fear that I would be useless, far too skeptical. I would probably lie there chanting in my head, 'this won't work, this won't work,' but maybe I'll give it a try one day.
I drop my friend off in Amalfi and proceed along the coast until I reach my destination. In the Office of Employment I am ignored by the two men for 5 minutes until one of them tells the other that there is a bella signorina waiting. They signal for me to come around the counter into the office and them ignore me again for another 10 minutes while they hop between different computers and desks, proving to me how very busy they are. Finally I leave with the required document, a typically Italian statement and a contender in the longest-possible-sentence competition:

It is testified that the worker
(worker? how common!) Nicki(555 5important Italian number that you cant do anything without) born in Great Britain and Ireland (I kid you not, it says that, though how they imagine I could have been born in two places at once beats me)resident in Positano has presented on the 23 April 2009 the declaration of availability for the carrying out of a working activity and sucessive modifications and integrations as well as request for the entrance into a state of unemployment at the office of this clerk.

Well, yes, a very important document, obviously. Certainly nothing that could have been done via email or fax and saved me the 2 hour drive.
But, then again, the stories about past regression were actually worth it all!


  1. Who was this guy? I presume that he has been recycled at the cemetary several times then.

    Which cabin will you be in?

  2. "Great Britain and Ireland" *is* the name of (our) country!

  3. oops - sorry - completely failed to do the link properly!

  4. Well, that's Italy for you. At least you had fun on the drive!

  5. Burocrazia - that is the Italian isn't it?!!
    Not sure about regression though .. it must get very confusing!
    Still, at least you had company for the ride - however crowded!!

  6. I regress quite a If he asked me I'd do it...I like to know if some of the dreams I have of living in a big house with alot of kids and mean old lady is true!

    Wow with all the paper work and waiting you have to do I would probably never work!

  7. hello charlie. i saw your soaps on nyc/caribbean ragazza and thought i'd check out your blog. it's lovely, and your home is beautiful! i live in nyc, which is beautiful in a different way! when i need some sea air, we usually visit my mom on montauk or we go to cape cod. it's nice to meet you! take care.

  8. Hi Charlie, I was only over here yesterday drooling over your wonderful spring photos, which made me go and research flights to Rome - I feel the need for a holiday!

    I love the soap swirls rather than the rosebuds, call me greedy but I will take all the soap I can get so it sounds like a great compromise.
    have a great weekend, Debs x

  9. Your blog is Lovely. your photographs are absolutely Gorgeous.
    Many thanks for your comment on mine.
    Hope you have a Happy weekend

  10. Nell said
    Dear Charlie, obviously you had already been regressed in a previous life and been reborn in 2 different countries, there is a saying, in the world there are 7 people with your face , the trick is not to meet them face to face.
    Perhaps one of them was in getting a work permit that same day only earlier in the morning.
    Dia je vous, nes pas.The two guys Frik and Frak got confused and issued the permit to cover their mistake.I believe in Karma and that one must learn from past mistakes,we are after all spiritual beings experiencing the human element.


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