Sunday, April 12

Gelsomina soap

My lovely little rosebuds that I use in the Gelsomino soap are not surviving well in the Italian climate. The pink has faded to brown and the petals have started to unfurl and fall off, so I have had to banish the rosebuds and replace them with soap curls instead.
I found this little message left on the table. Hmmm, now who could have written that?:


  1. I much prefer the soap curls to the rose buds anyway! Fab looking soap, as always.

  2. I need more I too prefer the soap curls.

  3. Nell said
    whether soap curls or chunks or rose buds it all smells heaven;y to me. Little sis Lucia let me try samples.
    Lila's note was very sweet it reminded me of the story my son wrote for school in grade one.
    First paragraph , My dad and I went to see the bitch today it was nice and warm the bitch had lots of people on top of it.He was 5 years old, his teacher said she truly wet her pants when she read it.You gotta love them, treasure that note somewhere.

  4. Oh what a sweet note - in the right order but what about Autumn?! Love the soaps even minus the rose buds.

  5. She is such a sweetheart. Give her a big hug and kiss from me!

    oh and the rosebuds are adorable but one of them scared the crap out of me one night in the bath when it stroke my neck transformed into a squishy slimeball. Don't think soap roses would do that.

    How manageable is soap? Could you learn and use some tricks from the confectioners in Pos who create art with marzipan?

  6. That soap is so pretty with the curls. And the writing is fabulous. x


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