Monday, April 20

Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

On Sunday we went to Ravello, and walked around the beautiful gardens of the Villa Cimbrone. It was the perfect time of year to do so as everything was fragrant and blossoming.I last attempted to drive up to Ravello over ten years ago and arrived shaking and scared due to the numerous tight hairpin bends and encounters with large buses on the narrow roads. But, over time I must have become accustomed to the road conditions here because I handled the bends and the buses perfectly well.

As soon as we arrived in the town square we bumped into some friends that we had dined with the night before and we all headed off to stroll around the gardens.
Here is Skye admiring the view from the Terrace of Infinity:
All the time keeping firm hold of 'Ball', her new best friend who goes everywhere with her.One of the guys we were with accidentaly dropped a coin over the edge of the terrace and panicked as it fell, flipping over and over as it gathered momentum. We don't think there was anybody passing underneath at the time...
We moved swiftly on from the terrace and safely explored the rest of the gardens before heading home again.


  1. Nell said , the view of Infinity is quite breathe taking. Lila's ball is it related to Wilson of Cast a Way fame the Tom Hanks side kick?
    I do hope so they are truly a moving, bouncy family.
    I do think its great you've overcome the fear of driving around those narrow curves and avoiding tour buses to boot.

  2. Utterly beautiful!!! What a wonderful day trip!

  3. Amazing photos Charlie. Well done you for driving!

  4. aahh does this bring back good memories or what! I lovedlovedloved Villa Cimbrone!

    and look at Lila. Look at that long hair!

  5. Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog. Will stop by yours and have a good read soon. Beautiful photographs and it seems that you live in a beautiful part of the world. As for the crochet, I am losong the will to live until Lucy gets back to me about the ripple pattern. Your granny quilt looks pretty by the way. Dev X

  6. Omg, Lila is so much braver than me, I could never get that close to the railings, I almost fainted just looking at the photos!

  7. Such beautiful pictures the views are amazing and all the blossom I could almost smell it wafting off the screen!

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina x

    ps. I agree chocolate cannot be scoffed it has to be savoured! Especially mini eggs.

  8. I had the same attack of nerves driving the Corniche roads in Nice/Monte Carlo/Menton - they are scary! Another lovely day trip for you and Lila - you lucky people!
    I love your blog and I love Italy -stop by my place some time at bijou-cottage life.

  9. Incredible photos! I just love the views, although I would be afraid of being as close to the railings as your daughter is.

  10. Jealous of the life in Italy! It is so beautiful there! I visited in 10th grade a zillion years ago!

  11. I drove up to Ravello from Sorrento for the first time on Friday and it sure was an experience but I handled it quite well. Must return though as it is soooo pretty there!

  12. Gorgeous! And thanks for the knitting supply tip! Loved your crocheted creations.


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