Monday, April 6

On the curing shelf; fichi e anice soap made with creamy coconut milk.

I went to the Comune (town hall) this morning to apply for a new identity card. I was shown a new form that is available to Europeans who would like to become Italian citizans, but politely declined it, saying that I was happy being English thank you very much.

The woman behind the desk was at once simultaneously extremely offended that I didn't want to 'become' Italian and also full or respect for me being proud enough to want to keep my nationality. For five very confusing minutes I listened while she ranted, raved, applauded, congratulated and again ranted at me. I escaped as soon as I could, but alas, must return tomorrow to collect my carta identita.

The bus stop at Mulini is dressed up in its Easter decorations! " So Skye..are you glad that you feel better?" a friend asked yesterday.
She sighed and looked sad, "Not really because now I know it is better to have the febbre because I dont have to go to school and can sit on the sofa all day and play games and watch TV."

The piazza all dressed up with no one to admire it.


  1. Hm, maybe play up not the name but one of its attributes like hypoallergenic, skin softening, etc.? Maybe instead of milk, go directly with Cream?

    Moisturizing Cream Bar
    Milk Moisturizing Bar


  2. i love all the mini stories in this post...especially the febbre one :) That soap combo sounds delightful!

  3. looks good enough to eat for sure. absolutely lubbly!

  4. Were you affected by the erathquake?
    Are you OK?
    I'ts good to hear Lila is not sick anymore, even if she has to go to school and can't play games all day.

  5. You know if you really want to change things round there then you need the vote - and you need to be an Italian citizen for that!

  6. How early they learn the benefits of being (not too) sick!

  7. Another WOW! soap, that's perfect Charlie. Stick to your guns, don't sign the paper. Once they've got you they'll never let you go :)

  8. Oh bless her, she certainly has her priorities right!

    Love the look of your soap bar almost good enough to eat.

    Are you sure you wouldn't want to hang 'Union Jack' bunting up?

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

    ps. hope you haven't been affected by the earthquake and you are all ok?

  9. Nell said,
    There is nothing that speaks louder than being proud of your roots, glad you spoke the truth to the woman at the town hall.
    Lila is one smart cookie, no fever no fun at home. The new soap looks dreamy and swirly and yum.
    The Easter street lamp decor is interesting , but what if anything does its shape and tassel symbolize any thing religious or cultural?

  10. Your soaps are gorgeous and your spirit in dealing with life there is fabulous!

  11. OMG, I love it I love it-- you guys have got to try her soaps, and we people in the south know our soaps :) thank you so much

  12. I GOT MY SOAPS TODAY...HMMM, I'll let you know which one I used Wednesday morning!


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