Wednesday, April 29

The weather turned bad over the weekend and the sea became rough. Boats were pulled up away from the beach and the cabins on the pier were wheeled back up to safe ground. By Monday huge rolling waves were crashing into the coastline and all plans of starting work were put on hold.

I went for a walk on the little coastal pathway between the two main beaches, watching the sea change colour in front of my eyes. From a dark brooding navy a bright strek of turquoise emerged.
The turquoise streak grew and grew, enveloping the coastline and brightening up the day.
I walked on towards Fornillo. The waves were still breaking high up on the sand and the half constructed beach bars lay folornly abandoned, waiting for the waves to subside once more.In the afternoon the skies became gray again, clouds floated down and settled on the mountain tops and then it started to rain. I decided that the only sensible thing to do was to go back home, make a cup of tea and settle down on the sofa under a warm blanket with Skye to watch a film.


  1. Nell said,
    the photo's were as per usual great.
    You did the sensible thing ,tea and blanket and a good movie can never go wrong.
    What was the movie you watched, my favorite to watch on gloomy rainy days is Sense and sensibility or th e boathouse with Sandra Bullock and Kneaue Reeves

  2. Oh My God! that sounds like the perfect day to the cup of tea and blanket with a film at the end..bliss x

  3. Beautiful photos as always Charlie. Sounds like a perfect day to me, especially ending with a snuggle under a blanket with a cuppa :-)

  4. When it's grey and miserable that's the perfect thing to do!
    A large bowl of popcorn with cheddar cheese, a warm fuzzy blanket and a good flick!
    I wonder why the sea turns a different colour. Marina asked that of the lake

  5. i remember those crazy unstable spring mari!

    so good to hear your success with the soaps :)

  6. That sounds like very good advice! Hope you had popcorn as well!

    Have a lovely day and hope the sun is shining again?

    take care,

    Nina x

    ps I really don't know 'how' I managed to capture those seagulls - it was a fluke and completely beyond me!

  7. What a perfect day!
    Lovely photos!
    Beki xxx

  8. Those pictures are just too beautiful for words!

  9. Thanks for some interesting reading and great pics. I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing your blog and will be back for more!


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