Friday, May 1

My first day at work on the pier was filled with mischief. The boys in the cabin next door welcomed me in the only way they know playing all sorts of tricks on me. They stole my walkie talkies, made spoof phone calls to me, crept up round the side of the cabin and jumped up to scare me and did various other things to amuse themselves.
I managed to mostly ignore them and saw off one boat trip to Capri, made a few bookings for the next day and wondered how I could plan my revenge.
And the winner of my soap giveaway is MollyCupcakes! Congratuations!


  1. i feel some fun summer stories coming with those guys around :)

  2. Can't wait to hear/see what the revenge is!!! This summer should be a blast!

  3. lol sounds like a fun job! :) Remember, revenge is sweet...

  4. If they didn't tease you you would probably feel unloved! Have fun getting back.

  5. Nell:wife on the run said
    Younger men can either be lots of fun or a pain in the butt, be careful.
    Revenge is mine said the big guy .
    Maybe Luca can come down and scare them into thinking he is going to sell you in to white slavery, if you don't pay him off.


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