Wednesday, May 20

We like to offer our passengers on the boat trips a glass of cold sparkling wine in the afternoon, with some little pastries after they have had a swim. It makes the trip a bit more special and gets them all talking. However, the other morning we made a grave, grave mistake when packing the drinks into the cool box.
As the boat came back that afternoon, the captain glared at us to show his disapproval at something we had done wrong and Gloria (who acts as a hostess/guide) tutted at us and waggled her finger.. What could it be, we wondered? Hadn’t everything gone smoothly that morning? Surely we hadn’t forgotten anything?

After we helped the people off the boat and gathered up the towels and ice-box Gloria told us that we had left the bottle of Prosecco at the top of the ice box and it was warm, way too warm to drink, but they had drunk it anyway. The captain was very upset and the passengers had been disappointed, we mustn’t let it happen again....

The next morning we carefully prepared the ice-box, burying the bottle of prosecco right at the bottom and packing it with ice. We added extra ice on top and confidently loaded it on board.

Oh dear. That afternoon we stood on the pier as the boat came back and waved at our clients. One man stood up and greeted us with a huge grin, “the prosecco was wonderful!”
“ Yes, its good isn’t it?” I enthused, “ I’m glad you liked it!”
He grinned back at me and they all started laughing. As we helped them off the boat I noticed that even the captain was smiling and shaking his head at us. Gloria was literally shaking with mirth.
“Girls, come here,” Gloria called when she was settled back on land. “ You did very well at packing the prosecco in ice, but unfortunately it was yesterdays empty bottle. It was a very cold bottle, but also a very emptly bottle! Luckily the captain found it funny so you won’t get into too much trouble, but girls...tomorrow please get it right!”

The next day we finally got it right; a full bottle of icy cold sparkling wine was opened and apparently the passengers drank a toast to us, ‘the two girls who finally got something right.’


  1. Nell said ,
    As they say on the Island to the North....Alls well that ends Well.
    Very funny stuff!

  2. What kind of Prosecco is it? Just curious!

  3. Lol, so who did drink it??? Or was it just a recycled bottle ?

  4. That IS funny.

  5. I can just imagine the Captains face hee hee

  6. HAAA!! Thank goodness he had a sense of humor about it!

  7. It sounds like they drank the bottle and iced it after it was empty! Just the laugh I needed. Thanks.

  8. And I wasn't even there distracting you! :-)

  9. He he. That is totally funny. A glass of chilled sparkling wine sounds like a wonderful way to end a boat excursion....

  10. Whoops! That is a pretty funny story. Glad they were able to laugh about it.

    Many years ago, I worked for a sailboat on Waikiki beach selling tickets during the day and serving Mai Tai drinks on the sunset sail. Your stories of work remind me of those days.


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