Friday, June 5

Spending all day every day on the pier has drastically cut down my internet time. I arrive home exhausted, but still have to cook, clean, wash etc, and finally end up in a collapsed heap on the sofa for about an hour before bedtime with a desire but no strength to turn the computer on.(Have managed to turn on laptop now due to extra free time caused by rough seas and cancelled boats.)

I have heard rumours that there may be a wifi antenna put up near the beach soon, which would solve all my problems, but will have to wait and see. In the meantime I have finally finished my crocheted blanket which has caused much mirth and teasing by the workers on the pier, as crocheting is only done by old grannies apparantly.

And here is a picture of my latest bonus for good work. A pesce bandiera, or pesce serra...I have no idea what the English name is for it, but it was very long, very tasty and very much appreciated!


  1. Hi Charlie

    It's a scabbard fish! I googled it! Enjoy!

  2. Hi, your blanket looks fabulous... and I am sorry you have been so busy and tired... I have ordered some of your soaps... they were going in the gift drawer but I might keep them for myself! lol

    take care
    and have a nice break while the seas are rough...

    x Alex

  3. Hiya, the blanket turned out really really well, I love it! Beautiful colours, very fitting for a seaside setting. LLL x

  4. love the blanket...just perfection..and the fish...well...glad you enjoyed. it sure is a long 'un!

  5. Oh I LOVE that granny blankie!
    And I bet the "pesce serra" must have been fantastic.

  6. She's Jake the Peg, diddle-iddle-iddle-um, with her extra leg, diddle-iddle-iddle-um.......!

  7. When the beach at Laurito first opened in the 1960's tanti anni fa, Adolfo Bello’s son (who was then a very little boy) would often go finishing alone for these pesce bandiera (Alopias vulpinus) which Lucia would then serve for lunch. According to the internet
    they come from the shark family and can grow very large elsewhere. See photos on this site.

  8. Nell said, Hey you made a beach blanket, all you need is Annette Funicello.
    That fish looked like a long necktie
    with a head.Glad it tasted good.

  9. The blanket looks great and those old grannies had to start crocheting at a young age to be skillful too.

  10. Your blanket is lovely. I really l like the colours.
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog

  11. yikes...that looks more scary than tasty! you're busy honey, work! don't stress about the blog...we'll all be here when you get back :)

  12. Hello Charlie, head on over to mine...I've awarded you with a Kreativ blogger award. I got one from Jo at The Soap Bar, and had to pay it forward...come see.

  13. yikes!!!
    you have faced some fishy challenges of late :)
    hope that you are smiling
    t x

  14. Love the blanket, but ewww on that sea snake looking thing!


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