Friday, July 31


I almost didn’t want to go out last night, it was horribly hot and sticky, but at 10 o clock I finally left the house to meet some friends for drinks. About six steps down from the front door I stopped and slipped my high heels off, forsaking glamour for comfort and padded barefoot up the road to the cocktail bar.
We sat out in the courtyard of the bar, sipping our cocktails, hardly aware of the soft jazz band playing in a corner. Eventually I realised it was half past midnight and reluctantly decided it was time for bed so I slipped off my shoes again and padded back home.
I walked up most of the 160 steps to my front door far too quickly so when I found my cat waiting for me on the floor below I stopped for a breather on the floor below.
“Hello!” said a voice from the dark. “Where are you going?”
It was a young man on the terrace of the house below mine. I told him I was going to bed, it was late, but he seemed very upset and persuaded me to come into their house.
“ Are you having a party then?” I asked.
“ Sort of, you’ll see,” he replied as we walked into the house.

There were about twelve people sitting around the living room and wandering in and out of the kitchen and I realised that they all worked in the kitchens of a big hotel. A glass of sparkly wine appeared in my hand and a place was found for me to sit. I glanced at my watch, it was 1am, I really had to get to bed!
“ Listen, I’d love to stay, but I’ve got to be at work at 8, so I must go home,” I stood up to go but was stopped in my tracks by the reply I got.
“ You can’t go! The sushi is nearly ready!”

Sushi? Did he say sushi? I love sushi...but we’re here, in small town south can’t get sushi here...or so I thought. I must have looked doubtful, for I was led into the kitchen where I found trays and trays of sushi and a very happy Japanese sushi chef. Everything was brought out into the living room, soy sauce was poured into espresso cups and chopsticks were handed round. Everybody squished up together on the two sofas around the table and the feast began.
The sushi was superb, obviously, I thought, mentally slapping my forehead. These guys all work in a Michelin starred restaurant, of course they can make sushi, they’re the best of the best. As I chomped away, there were tears of pleasure and gratitude in my eyes. At 2am I called it a night and thanked them for their hospitality.
“ It’s always been difficult to find sushi in Positano, but to find freshly made sushi unexpectedly at midnight in the house next door has been a real pleasure for me.”


  1. I think you're mom's spirit has something to do with all these little adventuress you have on your way to doing something mundane like just going home to bed, from a night out!I think that's magical, and should be the title of a book "Sushi at Midnight in Positano"

  2. No one ever asks me in for Sushi when I'm coming home at 1 in the morning...sounds wonderful (only I'd prefer chicken balls and pad thai noodles to sushi).

  3. Can I have your neighbors?

  4. Goodness, girl, you have the most amazing adventures. This sort of thing could only happen to you, lol. What a wonderful way to end the day.

  5. Yummy!!! you are so lucky. We have a Nobu restaurant onboard and I love it!! Even best, it's free!!

  6. Oh, Chaaaaaaaaaaaarlie, I forgot to tell you earlier, I have tagged you, would you mind hopping over to my blog ( to find out about it? It is very easy and won't take you long, honest! LLLxxx

  7. You did NOT!!! SUSHI??? Here????
    LUCKY you.

  8. this shows exactly why one should say 'yes' to the opportunities that appear. It would have been so easy to just say no and continue up the stairs, but then you wouldn't have had such great sushi.

  9. Figs and Lemons......
    I am very curious about you....
    I am a campanian as well...
    I have been living on a theatresceene for more than 20 years...
    love from cristina...

  10. You have been nominated for a "One Lovely Blog" award! Check out more details here on my blog:

  11. wow, see over here we are all living in such fear hyped up by the press that if asked by a stranger to go into a house you would have screamed and run up the last flight of steps... I really miss the world as it use to be where people trusted each other... hold onto your world.. it is fantastic...

    x Alex

  12. Oh WOW ... what a treat. And how wonderful that come-one-come-all mentality, I love that you had a glass of wine in your hand before you knew it :)

  13. wow, I am thinking about wondering the neighborhood tonight in hopes that neighbor will invite me in for delicious food! LOL yeah right!

    Alex I totally agree!


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