Monday, July 6

I have been strangely absent from the computer over the last few weeks. I haven't felt inclined to bore you with more pictures of my weekly work bonuses in their many fishy forms, or overwhelm you with stories of life on the pier. Although somethings could be worth mentioning like the other afternoon when Isabella Rossillini walked past or taking part in various waterbomb fights between the different boat companies, I have generally been far too knackered to even contemplate turning the computer on at the end of the day and writing it all down.

So now I am sitting in my little cabin on the pier with a cool air-conditioned breeze blowing gently on me (and the stray dog at my feet who comes to keep me company every day). It occurs to me as I briefly check my email on my phone that I could probably write a blog post and post it too, during the blisteringly hot after lunch lull that occurs every afternoon.

I start typing in word with my thumbs, it is slow work and I am interrupted every now and then. A couple come and book a trip to Capri, then Skye runs over from the beach to get her lilo. The dog at my feet stretches and turns over, wrapping his paw affectionately around my ankle and I see Carlo waving at me from his kayak, gesturing that he is off on his daily paddle to the Galli Islands.

My thumbs start to cramp and I decide to try and transfer what I have written to the blog. I must see if I can post photos from my phone too, I managed it when we went to Asia but have since forgotten how. The ten millionth person comes over and asks me for a ferry ticket to Amalfi. I patiently direct them next door and wait for the next one...


  1. shall i give you a call??? Love to hear your stories! Email me the

  2. Please don't think that your blog bores us... I love to see such a beautiful place and dream of having a lovely holiday one day... we haven't been on holiday in 6 years...the coulours of the sea and the sky and the pictures of the streets and houses remind me of my holidays of old and the wonderful times I had...

    Thank you for sharing and I am soooo loving your soap...

    hugs and .... can I have a ticket to Amalfi please! lol

    X Alex

  3. Oh the bliss ... Isabella Rosselini seems so down to earth, just saw her on a chat show, did you speak to her?

  4. Nell said...
    Dear Charlie, it seems so blissful to simply answer some innate questions on a pier and book boast trips to Capri, while you hear and smell the Ocean near by and watch Isabella stroll on by,My face is green with envy not just my eyes. We live vicariously thru you here in Canada.

  5. That's life!

    I mean, what you're doing. That's what life is all about. I would swap with you in a heartbeat if I could.

    God I hope we will make it down to Pos to see you. I really really really want to.

  6. Your stories are never boring. The days of Positano become long and lazy and just hearing about it is worth the dreaming.

    In summer, the celebrities just show up and walk around. I've even seen Isabella Rosellini there.

    Please don't stop your words. Even if it's a few sentences for the day...we're all waiting to hear something to make our days a bit brighter!

  7. I am really glad you posted again, I have been wondering what you were up to! Don't ever think you bore us, I for one love reading about your antics!

  8. You mean you don't sell tickets to Amalfi? :-)


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