Thursday, July 9


IMAGE_012.jpg, originally uploaded by saponissimo.

Just testing. (This is my sexy wheelbarrow by the way, watch me as I weave deftly between the tourists!)


  1. Mind the cat!

    Lovely wheels though... is that the sports delux model? where are your go faster stripes?

    and a quick question... is all the sea glass in the main picture from local beaches? I love sea glass but never seem to find it these days :(

    take care

  2. Ok, I get the wheelbarrow, but whats the bucket for? Seasick tourists?

  3. Just perfect! Although I know I would take out someones ankles, that's the only reason I do the supermarket shop online - banned for bad trolley driving!!!! Debs xx

  4. Nice shot! Especially the resting cat.

  5. Dear Charlie , One must do what needs doing, its either the wheel barrel or monkey arms, you know when you carry more than your own weight on each arm.I think you being a sensible woman , who by the by took terrific picture of Isabella sans war paint who looks stunning, as did her mom.
    Her Royal Duchess of Kent with out the prince how is this possible did she loose him on the yacht. You should sell the pic's to Hello Magazine. Said I Nell

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