Thursday, July 16

Carlo had been kayaking for 9 hours. He paddled into the little port at Castellabate, but there wasn't much there so he carried on a bit more until he found a beach full of people. He pulled up the canoe onto the sand (yes, real sand, not pebbles like the beachs in Positano) and immediately made friends with a local guy, a lifeguard.

They chatted for a while until the lifeguard came off duty and offered to take him to a bar for a drink. Carlo left the canoe pulled up on the beach and climbed onto the back of the lifeguards vespa and was given a tour of the town, four bars and even the lifeguards home. After dinner he went back to the beach and set up his tent on the sand adn tried to settle down to a nights sleep. Sleeping on the beach was not as idyllic as he thought though. He had no sleeping bag and was cold in his shorts and t-shirt. The sand, after a while felt lumpy and humid rather than soft and comfortable. At about 3.30am he gave up trying to sleep and started pacing the beach. Eventually at 7am a cafe opened and he gratefully went in to use the bathroom and have breakfast.

At about 9am he set off in the canoe again and paddled steadiy southwards.
He canoed for seven and a half hours and finally pulled in at Palinuro, where he didn't even contemplate sleeping on the beach and promptly checked into a small hotel with a lovely view. He had a restful nights sleep and set off again early the next morning.


  1. He's quite the adventurer, isn't he? But honestly, checking into a hotel, thats not really in the spirit of things, is it, lolol?

  2. Wow, he's covered quite some distance! Look at that view... absolutely gorgeous!

  3. It's a gorgeous view and beach!

  4. An amazing adventure, that must of been tough trying to sleep, when cold..

  5. how did he keep paddling after no sleep?!? what a MAN! lol glad to finally find your new it as usual. Hope you are all well! PS - I have a new blog too...I used to write at "Confessions of a 20-something Caffeine Addict" (we met at the GTG in Florence last year)

    all the best!

  6. I think that last picture should be a postcard! Also, just got my August "Reader's Digest" magazine (p. 12) and they mentioned "To use your hands more craftily, even artistically, visit and look at what people are making - and selling - all over the world." Thought of your soaps immediately!


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