Saturday, July 11

Canoe trip

Nine hours later...

Ladies and Gentlemen, this should be San Marco (di Castellabate). It looks like a nice place. I don't know if you can see the beach umbrellas...
The beach is empty, not even a dog...sunloungers, umbrellas...all empty.
In Positano we're moaning that theres not enough people but here theres absolutely nobody.
Here in the corner is the little port of San Marco. I'm going to stop there...If I can make it there...I have my doubts...
OK...It's pretty though...nice...
I can't go on any longer, I'm tired, I need to get onto land.

To be continued


  1. Did Luca send this to you?? I thought he'd sound much'd be exhausted the waves look relentless.

  2. looks lovely, why are there no people ? and why very few in Positano?

  3. I love the little movie... it's great!

  4. Yay for modern technology!!!

  5. I have a bad feeling that the economy is hurting the beaches. My wife and I stayed home because she was afraid of me getting the swine flu and she wanted some work done on our house. I wish we were on an Italian beach or in Naples instead! Great video thanks for posting.

  6. I hope he made it onto the beach alright! How far away is that from your house?

  7. Nell said , that was a very bouncy commentary from Luca, his voice has a nice lilt.


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