Tuesday, July 21

Le Sirene

The other evening I experienced the most romantic dinner ever. Except there were no men. But it was sooo romantic, we had such a lovely evening, here let me explain:

We had heard about this place, Le Sirene, that served dinner right on the beach front, with the tables on the sand, but when we suggested it to our Italian menfolk they shook their heads and made excuses not to go. So we went without them, seven girls in seven lovely dresses with seven pairs of sparkly flip-flops. We were picked up from the pier at 8.30 by two handsome men in a little boat and they spirited us away from Positano whilst pouring us glasses of sparkling wine and tempting us with olives and fried zucchini flowers.
As we pulled into the cove and moored at the small jetty we all exclaimed with delight. The sun was just setting and had turned the sky and sea various shades of pink. A table had been set out on the beach, right on the edge of the sea and was surrounded with lit candles. We looked around in wonder. The whole beach was dotted with candles and a wicker sofa and two matching armchairs had been set up beside our table, a place to retire to after our meal.
Soft music wafted out of the small hotel which was the only building in the cove. We had the whole beach to ourselves. We sat down at the table and there was a moment of satisfied silence as we all stared out to sea, admiring the pink sky and the view that reached to Capri.
The sky became dark and the flickering candles created long shadows that were mesmerising to watch. We told each other stories, exchanged experiences, reminisced and roared with laughter (especially on reading the badly translated menu, ‘grilled mozzarella up lemonfrog’ for example.
After we had eaten and drank our fill we drifted apart into little groups. Some went to dance on the hotel terrace, their shadows whirling around larger than life, some went to recline in the various hammocks that dangled temptingly from rafters, and the rest of us relaxed on the wicker chairs on the beach. At midnight our boatmen reappeared and drove us back to town, over the moonlit black water that was as still as a lake. As we drew closer the lights from the town glittered like jewels on the flat surface while above us millions of stars shimmered like fairy dust. We alighted onto the pier in a daze, our magical evening had finished...or had it all been a dream?


  1. A magical evening indeed, how wonderful! I would have loved to be there as well.

  2. OH MAN! That sounds wonderful...I can't believe the men didn't want to go! I would love to hang out on the beach one day with you and your friends and just eat, drink and laugh! Maybe do a little dancing!

  3. Thats sounds wonderful - I am always so afraid that the boatmen might not come back and fetch me!!! I love your blog.

  4. THE COSMOS'S WERE ALIGNED WITH Magic,seven nymph's went out to sea, how enchanting is that, I will try and plan the same with my girlfriends.
    The night sky there is rich with an ocean of stars from the milky way.

  5. How gorgeous! I'll put it on my list for when I'm next in Posi... which I'm planning to be next summer. Claire leaves Aus today so she will be there very soon. xx

  6. You make everything sound magical.

  7. gorgeous! What is the name of this place?? :)

  8. ooooH a truly romantic story..It all looks fantastic, and a fabulous time too!!

  9. I am new to your blog.

    But judging off your articles and you have a wonderful life.

  10. How wonderful! The men in your life certainly missed out, but what a nice way to spend time with girlfriends.

  11. What a wonderful time you had! Even if the men didn't want to go it is good to have made a girls night out to laugh and enjoy the evening. I would love to do something like that with my favorite people! I have just found your blog and I really do enjoy all of the pictures; it is like being transported away for a few minutes to a most beautiful area!

  12. Oh... thank you for sharing such a magical evening... if only my life were ever as lovely...

    x Alex

  13. The evening sounds magical. Can you tell us a little more about the food. Was it good?

    Will they set the table on the beach for anyone or was that a special for your group?

  14. sounds so lovely. could you tell me the name of the place?

    thank you!

  15. I'm new here, tiptoeing in after my last visit a long time ago, in late winter.

    Wow this magical night at Le Sirene sounds so inspiring! I had no idea they crafted such wonderful evenings. I had only been to eat lunch at Sergio's on that beach. The sunset and wicker chairs must've been dreamy.

    I'm an old Positano aficionado, but this summer I did not make it down to the land of lemons and wisteria. Visiting your blog has shortened that distance and made me smile with nostalgia.

    A presto!
    Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino


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