Saturday, July 11


I rolled over and looked at the alarm clock. It was 5am, far too early to be awake but I had just been disturbed by Carlo creeping out of the room with his clothes on already.
"So you're going then?" I asked grumpily, "withoug saying goodbye?"
"I was going to wake you, I wouldn't have just left." He leaned towards me to kiss me but I tried to sit up at teh same time and our heads cracked together. We both howled, rubbed our heads and I lay back down and promptly fell asleep again, forgetting all about him and his crazy plan until later in the day.
Down on the beach it was still and silent apart from the sound of tiny waves lapping against the pebbles on the shore. Carlo was the only person there as he strapped his waterproof bag tent onto his kayak. He pushed a carrier bag of sports drinks and sandwiches down into the inside of the canoe and then dragged it down to the shore.

Wading into the sea and climbing deftly into the kayak he felt a thrill of excitement run through him. Ever since he had paddled all the way to Ischia two years ago (which had taken him 9 hours) he had been longing to set out on another adventure, a longer one this time, canoeing by day and sleeping on beaches at night.
He started paddling away from the still sleeping town and out into the big wide sea...
to be continued..


  1. I didn't mean to laugh at the first bit, about banging heads..oh yes I have been there, early in the morning when my husband is leaving for his flights!!

    Luca's trips sound very very exciting and adventurous, cannot wait to read more..the trip to Ischia ws a long one, wonder what is coming :-)

  2. Oh to be young, healthy and adventurous again!

  3. WOW!
    Nell said hope Luca has some form of communication in case of emergency!
    I am positive he must savor the adventure of being at sea and at peace with the world, .
    Sail on bon voyage !

  4. What an adventure-do you worry???? I imagine that it must be so peaceful out on the water like that.

  5. Oooh, just what I want to do! I wish I lived in Itlay though, I live near Aberdeen in Scotland and there are fab deserted beached that I'd love to kayak to and camp on overnight. My DH thinks I'm mad though.

    Can't wait for the next installment.

  6. Waiting for part 2 ...


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