Thursday, August 27

RIP hamster

“I think the hamster is dying,” I whispered to Carlo over breakfast the other morning. He peered into the cage and nodded at me before glancing covertly at Skye to see if she had noticed. But she was lost in thought, off in her own little world of pink sparkley things and wasn’t paying attention to us at all.

When we all arrived home that evening the poor little creature was lying stiff and still in the corner of his cage. Skye didn’t notice and happily went to bed. I sat down on the sofa with a glass of wine and was just getting into a good book when Carlo poked his head out of the kitchen door,
“ would you like to participate in the funeral of our little friend?”

“ Oh, how sweet!” I replied, “are you going to take him up to the cemetery?” My overactive mind created a touching picture of him tenderly digging a tiny hole under the cypress tree in the cemetery where he had buried our cat two years ago.

“No, don’t be stupid! I’m just going to fling it out of the window.”

The image of the cemetery vanished, replaced by one of poor little hamster tumbling helplessly down the mountainside and coming to rest in the damp riverbed below.

“You can’t do that, its mean!” I said, amused and horrified at the same time.
“So, are you going to come in and watch the funeral or not?”
“No!” He pouted at me as I turned my back on him...
“You mean you’re going to leave me to do it all on my own?...Come on! Its got rigor mortis, come and see!”

I winced as I heard the fly-screen roll up, then there was a short silence followed by the sound of him washing his hands. He came out the kitchen and sat down next to me. “You can sort out the cage though,” he said.

I think that sometimes he forgets that not everybody is as comfortable with dead things as he is. He sometimes says things that no other woman would even dream of her partner saying. Take the other day for instance. We were on our way to lunch at the beach, walking along a beautiful pathway shaded with pine trees and prickly pears, overlooking the sparkling emerald sea below. I sighed at the beauty of it all and reached out to take his hand. But in that moment he was thinking of work, not even noticing the view.
He turned to me and said, “I must remember to water the ground at work otherwise in a few years I’ll be digging up a pile of mummies. Its been so dry this summer that they’ll all mummify.”


Oh, and Skye still hasn’t noticed that the hamster is gone.


  1. Nell said, Dear Charlie, unfortunately Lila will notice and a kind story will be just he went to heaven , I am so glad she didn't see him dead, my daughter Serena found both of her Hamsters and it was awful, the first time she screamed so loud we thought she'd lost an appendage.The second time was heart breaking sobs, they are both buried under the bridal wreath bush in the garden , one in a black enamel Chinese jewelry case , the other in a baby wipes container with sticker pic a choo.
    We all wore black and yes it rained and her brother laughed threw the whole thing .Thank goodness he was behind his father , and not near her.

  2. Nell asks,
    Charlie can you forward this to Luca ,why does one have to be dug up for instance in Sicily , check if the person has no flesh and then organize their bones into a box and rebury in the family crypt.

  3. Hi it's Nell's sister Lucy...what beautiful picture of the beach, I like it very private. Maybe Lila won't be so traumatized over the hamster since Luca is in the cemetary biz. Ummm, just wondering do you still have the cute kittens(cats now) that you posted about long ago?

  4. Hahaha I burst out laughing at his comment about flinging it out the window... :D Alexander looked at me like I was mad or something.

    Nell, the cemetery where Luca works is tiny. The most beautiful cemetery I've ever seen, but tiny. There is simply not room for more bodies unless the old ones are dug up.

  5. Lovely pictures!

    so sorry for the death of the hamster, but like Nell said glad that Lila didn't have to see her pet dead. You will have some very comforting words for her when the time comes.

    Luca sounds like my partner - thinking of work instead of seeing the beauty around you...well, at least we can see it!!

    I love reading your posts!

  6. Um. What do they do with the bodies!?

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about he hamster.... our ninny pig died last winter and I must admit I put it into the wheelie bin... all wrapped up in a pillow case...
    facinating reading about the cemetary though...
    the beach looks lovely, I am glad you noticed the beauty all around you... otherwise you wouldn't have shared it with us...

    x Alex

  9. Kudos to you my dear for dealing with Luca's "world" so bravely.
    Sorry about the hamster, especially the funeral!
    Lila will be fine.

  10. oh my gosh! how funny! yes I agree with Annika, I was on the floor with the hamster-tossing. Hope when Lila discovers it is gone she will take after her babbo for a moment. So glad to be back to reading your blog!

  11. Nell said.....Looked on the site today and noticed the beautiful and luxurious changing tent is no longer up, must be the end of summer . On a another note.
    How is Lila coping with her loss.

  12. Lila is seemingly not bothered at all about the hamster. Must take after her Dad..
    Jennifer, thanks for your comment, I deleted it because I prefer our names not to be mentioned...there was a reason why I changed them!
    Oh, and next time you're here come and say hello! Dont be shy!


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