Monday, August 24

Maserati boat

One of the boat boys came back from Capri the other day with an unlikely tale about a floating pink car driving through the waves.
"It was a Maserati, I swear!" He brandished his mobile phone in front of us to show us the photo that he had taken. Sure enough there was a picture of a car in the middle of the sea.
Of course, eventually it arrived here too so I went to find out what was going on.
In 1999 two Italian guys crossed the Atlantic from the Canaries to Martinique. It took them 119 daqys and their chosen mode of transport was a Ford Taunus and a VW Passat padded out with polyeurathane.
Now one of them is attempting to drive/float his way around Italy in a pink Maserati. He arrived last night and was offered dinner by a local restaurant and a place to sleep for the night in a fishermans cabin on the beach. This morning he left, headed southwards aiming to arrive in Calabria. I wonder if any other bloggers will spot him as he passes through?


  1. That's Cool! Maybe Michelle will from Bleeding Espresso!

  2. How utterly unique is that, wonder if he's keeping a video log of his travels.

  3. Whatever rocks your boat or car! He could not have found a better stretch of coast -- I've toured it by car. Especially past Palinuro it is breath-takingly beautiful, quiet, and not built up and full of tourists as the spectacular Amalfi coast. Which I love too! But if given a choice, I like the calm, empty coastal stretches of the south.

    I hope the floating car will find hospitality and fun encounters with the locals. And lots of good pasta and espresso.

    Miss Footloose

  4. Very interesting mode of transportation. I would like to read their story - maybe someone will write all about it..

  5. I saw a picture of it tied up to a dock a week or so ago in one of the online Italian news sites. I think they better pray for calm seas!

  6. That's not the same car / boat that pulled up on a beach in Sardegna and got into lots of trouble last week, is it?


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