Saturday, August 8

One of my friends is pregnant. Actually, today is the day the doctor predicted she would give birth. The hospital she needs to get to is in Naples and from here there is only one road to Naples.

Today we found out that there has been a rockfall somewhere on the road so it has been closed for safety measures. Then, a bit later on in the afternoon we heard that there was also a mountain fire just outside Positano, so the road might be closed there too.

I phoned her to check up on her progress, as I have been doing every day this week:
"Hello, its me. Are you having a baby yet?"
"No, I can't have a baby today, the road is closed, so I can't get out of town," she replied with incredible calm.

Needless to say, we are all on tenterhooks....whatever they are.


  1. Oh my word, One road out, that is not good! You might have to take up midwifery skills, and help your friend out..

    Let us know how your friend gets on..hope all goes well for her;-)

  2. She could find a place to stay from where it's easier to get to the hospital. Just for a few days until the baby arrives, of course! What if she borrowed Luca's tent and camped outside the hospital? :D

    Wish her luck!

  3. Hope all goes well!

    When I was due to have my first baby in Ghana, West Africa, part of town was flooded from heavy rains and we were worried we'd not be able to reach the clinic. Fortunately the baby waited until the water had receeced.

    All best wishes for your friend's save delivery.

  4. Make sure you post something as soon as the bub is born... I'm dying to hear how it all goes. Lots of love xxxx

  5. Is that a picture of your pregnant friend? I hope all goes well..

    x Alex

  6. Road has reopened, Melissa I'll text you as soon as, Alex...NO!

  7. Nell said, If she had a baby before she'll know what to do, if not she may go a little agitated, just keep her breathing big breath in long slow breath out, between pains. Good luck dentra Boca di Lupo for her and her baby!

  8. best get the books out deario! learn learn may have to come in handy.

  9. How did it go? Is it born yet? What a time of the year to be born around here...

  10. I hope the little bambino will wait until the roads are open.

  11. Oh my - I hope all goes well.

    You will let us know the outcome?

    Nina x

  12. On my due date it snowed heavily and they never plow the streets where I lived at that time.I was a little nervous. The baby must have nad a little telescope. She was born 3 days later when all the snow had melted.
    I don't think most babies are born on their predicted birth dates anyway.

  13. That is pretty scary! I can't believe she was so calm! Labor is wow painful and to not be able to get to your hospital... eeeeeeeep.


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