Tuesday, September 22

ONe of my photos got featured in an Etsy treasury! I've had a few soaps feature in treasuries over the last year but it never occured to me to post them here. Duh, better late than never.
I'm really looking forward to the season ending here on the pier so that I can get back into soaping, all ready for Christmas. Normally it is quite sad when everything starts closing up for the season, but I will have plenty to do this winter.


  1. Congratulations and very well deserved!
    Btw, do you ship to Australia (or am I reaching for the moon)??

  2. Nice photos. Making soap sounds like lovely creative work!

    I can see how it is sad to see everything closing up for the season. We noticed this one year when we toddled on around the boot in September rather than May, which is the month we had come before several times when we lived in Armenia.

    The late September weather was wonderful, perfect you might say. But . . the beaches were deserted, the restaurants closed. We even had trouble finding hotels.

    And still, the weather was so great! It seemed very strange to see everything so quiet and empty. And yes, a little sad!

    Miss Footloose

  3. That's excellent!!!
    Yes I think I have to go over and get some soaps! It's Nellie's birthday soon!

  4. Which photo was yours?? I must say, your soaps look edible! I want them all!

    Holli in Ghana

  5. That is awesome - congratulations!

  6. Auguri! It is nice to hear some goods news.

  7. The sea today was kinda rough and yet there many people jumping in and out of the waves , I watched and imagined for a moment I could be there doing the same.I loved the shimmer of the last fading of sunlight on top of the water and the the way it highlighted the Islands in the distance.


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