Monday, September 28

Various diffent reasons (colds, tummyaches, tiredness, new babies etc..) prevented me and most of my friends from enjoying the fish festival this weekend. So we all made up for it the next day with a do-it-yourself pizza party. It was a warm breezy Sunday afternoon, we sat on a terrace high above the sea watching the ships far out at sea. The colours of the sea and the sky were the same, blurring the horizon into inexistance, causing an optical illusion that semmingly made the ships sail through the sky.
The men made pizzas and calzones with various fillings and toppings and fed them into the pizza oven on the side of the terrace. We ate, drank and laughed the afternoon away until all too soon it was time to head back down to work and wait for the boats to come in.


  1. what a fun, relaxing day! that pizza loves fabulous!

  2. Why do the good times end quicker that the work times?

  3. Hi, I am a long time lurker and thought it was time that I made a comment. I love your blog. It does make me hanker after a life in the sun (but I don't know about all those hills!!). xxx

  4. The pizza looked scrumptious!
    There is nothing like eating hot pizza on a warm fall afternoon fresh from the oven , wine sea and air.
    the sailing boasts across the sky sounded magical .You paint a wonderful picture with your words Charlie.

  5. Looked at the web cam this morning its warm and sunny there, some one was swimming in the hotel pool, meanwhile in lovely Canada Ajax Ontario its 4 degrees cel. and the wind is up its Grey and crappy.
    Trade You!!!


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