Monday, November 23

Back to Positano where it seems like summer again. The day after I flew in from London there were people stretched out on the beach in bikinis, children swimming and splashing in the sea and a general 'last chance for summer' attitude in the air. Carlo and Skye had been struck down by the flu while I was away and had moved up Nonnas' house to be taken care of properly. I called, concerned when I received a message saying Skye had a temperature of 40 C, but was reassured that they could handle it and it was best for me to stay away so I didn't get ill too.

Alas, two days later when Skye was completely recovered, Carlo fell ill and called me, begging me to come home. So I'm back...
I've been busy packaging and wrapping soaps and making various lotions and potions. Over the summer I redesigned all my labels and am much happier with them now. Already I have nearly sold all the soaps I have (which also means I was not organised enough to make more while I was still working!) I've also prepared some fig&vanilla silky body oil, which is wonderful as a light moisturiser on legs, arms, and also fantastic as a hair oil. I took some down to the pier this summer and it saved many a person from the after-sea-frizzies.
I also have, amongs the other goodies, some small pots of orange&vanilla whipped shea and cocoa butters, an all natural intensive moisturiser, a little goes a long way!


  1. lovely, and they sound so delicious too, but not to be eaten right? lol

    how did you learn to make all of these goodies?

  2. okay i am totally obsessed with soap making now!!!! I just visited some of your soapy links, and I can't get enough! can you recommend a book?

  3. I am so looking forward to getting your soap and lotion in the mail!

  4. So that's what people were spraying on their hair this summer!
    The new labels look fantastic. remind me of the antique tiles in the area.
    My husband's been swimming every day. Hasn't caught the flu, yet!

  5. The sea and the flu do not go well together one would think, but at least you can keep the windows open and those who get sick can receive some well needed vitamin C.from the sun.
    Glad to see Lila has recovered and hubby will also soon.
    The new labels are very posh and I adore the hair spritz name Bambola,
    I will order some for my daughter Serena bambolina,her title when she was a baby, she is 19 now.

  6. Is the weather Positano has been enjoying referred to as L’estate di San Martino, as it is in other parts of Italy?

    Your products look and sound 'delicious'next time I need moisturiser I know where to come.

  7. When men get sick! Your soaps and things really look nice.

  8. Beautiful photo of the sea. Your soaps look deelish. Do you sell many that are not perfumish smelling? I keep looking at all your soaps wanting to buy some but have allergies to perfume smells. I do fine with fruit smells though.

  9. Hello, I love your Blog. You make the words come alive. I can see what you are saying. You should write a book..If you have
    I was in Pos last year, I fell in love with that area.This year I am bring 2 of my best friends. They have never been to Italy. On May8,2010 for 2 weeks. We are 60yr women..I saw several of your blogs about the boat tours. We are planniing to take the,Gennaro&Salvatore Boat tours Amalfi Coast. Also we will need to go to Ischia for a few days. So I guess we will go to Capri and take a ferry over.
    Anyway, I know we will also want to get buy of your soaps. Will we be able to buy them while we are there? Thank you Mimi, Email: mimi052347 [!at]

  10. This is my first time visiting your blog, I love your lovely soap and other products! I have an Etsy too, so much fun. I am going to go to Etsy right now and check out your lovely items even more!

  11. Just found your blog through Cathi! Wow. In blog adoration... What a wonderful life! Wishing you a lively holiday season:))

  12. Em-my fave book is the handmade soap book by Melinda coss.
    Girasoli- yes, theres a real mixture of scents, head over to for descriptions.


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