Wednesday, November 11

I've popped over to Dads in England for a few days and feel like I have returned to civilization. I marvel over the fact that although it is cold and frosty outside, inside it is snug and warm thanks to the incredible invention of central heating. I gasp in awe as the electricity copes with the washing machine on at the same time as I boil the kettle for a cup of tea, and I must look positively provincial as I gaze around the supermarket with its huge amount of choice.

I love that fact that I can walk into a shop and just browse without some pushy salesgirl demanding that I tell her what I want. I also love that fact that I find what I want easily and that they also have it in my size. Last week in Sorrento I asked for a pair of boots "in a size 38 please..."
The two salesgirls looked at me as if I was crazy to ask and both shook their heads exclaiming, "but, no! Size 38 no!" I walked out feeling faintly stupid for even asking.

Today I shopped to my hearts content. I found everything that was on my list, including new boots in a size 38. My shopping over and done with now leaves me some free time to do whatever I want. I was planning on driving down to Cornwall, but the weather isn't really suitable for the long clifftop walks and exploring of fishing villages that I had planned. In the end I don't really care what I do. It's just nice...very nice to have some time away from Positano and luxuriate in the land of no-dubbed-films, radiators-and gallons-of electricity and french-beans-and-non-seasonal-fruit-all-year-round.


  1. enjoy your much needed getaway!

  2. Charlie, I am getting worried about you LOL...Have you been away from the UK for a long time?? Do you yearn to come back?

    There are lots and lots of pushy salesgirls in this country, they annoy me..but also on the other hand , we have ones that ignore you, so cannot win!!

    Let me tell you, we might have gallons of electricity but it is so very expensive....also why would you want to eat non-seasonal fruit, it cost an arm and a leg, and is flown in from across the world...!!

    Hope you have a few fun days in the UK !! :-)

  3. Enjoy yourself!!!I too am looking for boots! I wonder what they would say if I said size 41???Are you alone on this trip?

  4. sounds like you are enjoying being "home". I always feel like a teenager again when I am visiting my parents! hope you get lots of R&R, enjoy the vast selections of everything, and eat all the non-pos food you can hold!

  5. I emphatically agree with you, but know you love it all here really. Just as I do!

  6. I was dumbfounded last year when i went to London and met up with a friend to do some shopping. She'd already been on the shop's website to see which branches had in stock the item and size she wanted. She arrived list in hand with a choice of 5 store locations (and 3 who didn't have the right size). She also commented she had considered ordering it online but wanted to see what it looked like on first just to be sure. Imagine doing that in Italy.... Vanessa

  7. I would have gone with you. SIGH.

  8. It's nice to go home to a place of comfort and memories of times past.
    Its even better when you can what you want ! koodles to you!
    May be you can get a space heater sent to you in Pos.

  9. Your post made me laugh. Last time I was back in the UK I found myself shouting upstairs to my mum "don't put the hairdryer on I'm using the oven"!! Then I remembered....ah, the wonders of having 2 electrical applicances on at once! Enjoy your stay.

  10. Ciao! I laughed about your shoe shopping experience in Sorrento. But in the "funny because it's true" sort of way. Last month I was in a shop there and asked for size 42 (yes, I know big for Italy sizes, but pretty normal for the states), and was told very rudely that size 42 doesn't exist. Apparently not in Sorrento anyway. I tried on a 41 and it fit in the style I wanted. Good thing, too, since size 42 doesn't exist! :-)

    Have fun in England!

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