Friday, December 25

Last day in England, well for a few weeks anyway. We packed our bags early, just to make sure we could fit everything in them and then headed down to the park for a walk at sunset.
The ice on the ponds was slowly breaking up and melting away, the sun was golden as it glinted through the trees and we passed two deer close by as we made our way through the parkland.
Dusk crept up on us fast and the air grew colder. We ran briskly across the uneven grasslands, back to the car and home to warm up with crumpets and tea. Before we knew it we were on an early morning plane and then in the blink of an eye, back in Positano..


  1. Charlie , you and my sis have a knack for photo's of wildlife, it s lovely the shading and you can almost feel the frost of the morning.
    Felice Noveau Anno e tua Famiaglia!

  2. So lovely that you can get back to the UK but even better that you can have Italy too!!

    Happy new year to you all :-)

  3. You definitely have the best of both worlds! Have a Happy and Healthy New Year, Charlie.....looking foward to more of your wonderful posts! :) xxoo


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