Thursday, December 3

" I've never had a gel with such an unusual smell," said Carlo as he preened himself in front of the bathroom mirror, "but, it's nice though, sort of minty."
That got my attention and I sniggered to myself. I got up to check if I was right, and yes, for the last two weeks he has been styling his hair with King of the Shaves Shave Gel, left behind by one of my brothers on a recent trip.
"Why are you laughing? Isn't it hair gel?"
"Here's a new word for you to learn in English, shave-rasarsi, farsi la barba.It's not supposed to go in your hair!"
He was embarrassed, he begged me not to tell anyone, but where's the fun in that?

Note: 10 days left to get any soap orders in, as I'll be off to the UK again soon!


  1. Oh and you went and told us! I hope your husband does not read your blog, or if he does he take the ribbing!

  2. Too funny!

    No soaps today either btw... keeping my fingers crossed that they get here tomorrow.

  3. Tehehehehe, I think thats hilarious. Mind you, he is not the only one to have done something silly like that. How about using a glue stick instead of a lip balm??? Not telling who.

  4. Had to laugh at this...reminds me of when I first arrived in Italy and I sprayed some Bortalco deodorant down my throat thinking it was minty mouth dried my throat out and I couldnt stop choking! My Italian wash pretty shocking back then :-/

  5. Ah, well, he is among good company! Once when I was traveling, after my shower I quickly grabbed what I thought was the lotion. After covering my body in the "lotion", I discovered that I had applied liquid soap! The bottles looked quite similar at first glance.

  6. Wow off to the UK again :-) poor hubby , hope you do not tease him :-)

  7. Ohhhhh, just wait till I meet him in the street ...

  8. Sometimes its a case of not putting glasses on when they are needed.
    I know someone who went to work thinking they had put moisturizer on their face when in fact it was sloughing cream for dead skin and ended up arriving at work looking like Boris Karloff in the Mummy.
    Bad face Dandruff.

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