Tuesday, December 8

This is Thad, tentatively looking over the Infinity Terrace in Ravello last April. Thad emailed me a few years ago, he was curious about living in Positano and asked all sorts of questions. We chat a lot on Skype about the pros and cons of living and working a season in Italy, we swap music and often natter about nothing in particular. Last April Thad came to visit with his brother and sister so I introduced them to my friends, took them out to Ravello, out to dinner and got them tipsy at cocktail time on the beach.

Thad went back to the States, but the travel bug had bitten him hard and he was curious to see more of the world. So off he went! He's travelling around for a year and is in his third week in Vietnam at the moment. He's blogging as he goes so you can follow him on his adventures and pretend you're there too. You can follow him at givepassionlife.


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  2. Thanks for the plug! Keep your eye out for that beach job for me! ;)


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