Tuesday, January 5


How not to spend a last-minute trip to Perugia…or anywhere:

1. Don’t bother checking the weather report for where you are going, it’s sunny and clear at home…why would it be different anywhere else? Don’t even imagine that it might be snowing in another part of the country.

2. Ignore those weird stomach cramps that you’ve been feeling, it surely won’t get worse and interfere with your trip. (Although in the end one only one bowl of soup in two days can do wonders for the after-Chrismas diet.)

3. Don’t leave it until the last minute to call any friends that live where you are going. They probably won’t be sitting around waiting for you to summon them. (Tina, am so sorry, hope to meet you soon!)

4. And please don’t leave the lights on in the car overnight, draining the battery and causing the extremely complicated anti-theft device to kick into action, immobilizing your car in a freezing carpark for a whole day because nobody can figure out how to disactivate the damm thing…culminating in the car being towed away to the local dealership so that the anti-theft device can be dismantled, therefore wasting a whole day.

Here's a quick video of the view (what you could see of it, there was thick fog too most of the time!)

Back home now.


  1. Oh no! Not an ideal start for your first adventure for 2010.

  2. There ain't nothing like tummy flu to spice up a trip! ;) Sorry you never got the chance to meet up but at least now you have her number for another time!

  3. Hope your feeling better! Sorry to hear your trip was a bust!

  4. Hey, sounds exactly like what we've been through ... over New Year's Eve!!!
    Oh yes we did. Towing and everything.

  5. Sounds like when me wife and I went there, I drove down a street that kept getting narrower and narrower until it got to be narrower than the car. Wasn't much fun backing up a strange car for about 1/4 mile uphill! I guess it was definitely better to a tow to the dealers. Your pictures are beautiful. Hope you are better.

  6. Some times these things work and others times its a bust.
    That tummy thing was definitely not needed .
    The towing and the bleeping alarm, well the best laid plans of mice and men as they say go array.
    Feel better soon , the scenery was lovely though with the roof tops and the snow ,I especially loved the sound of the church bell.

  7. Oh my gosh I'm so glad I found you! I use to read your blog all the time and was so sad when it was gone. I knew you had to be out there somewhere though.


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