Sunday, January 10

It seems like it is snowing everywhere else in the world but here. Here it rains. And it rains and it rains, I don't think there has been a dry day since I returned from the UK. We decided to go for a drive anyway, just to get out for a while, and at one point it actually stopped raining.

Vesuvius was practically invisible across the Bay of Naples, hidden by clouds and a rainbow:
Look! It did snow here too, just a sprinkling on the top of the mountains:
And the rough sea didn't stop the beach football tournament from continuing on the main beach:Thats all for now, it's raining again...


  1. Love that photo of Vesuvius! Yes, snow the world over in the northern hemisphere and certainly on the ground outside my window. Fortunately the sun is shining so it looks bright.

    While living in Armenia the snow and cold drove us to buy a (Russian) car even after we decided we were going to do the healthy thing and walk everywhere and do our part for the environment.

    Rain can be so depressing. Hang in there!

  2. hello from the UK! it's stopped snowing here for the time being..just a little sleet, which is good as it's making the snow thaw. love snow and all..but when you gotta go to work and all..!

  3. Snowing again in Oxfordshire !! And it is sooooo cold.

  4. In my younger days I wanted snow over rain as rain always going down my back! Your pictures are just beautiful, especially the rainbow!

  5. Hi there! The rainbow is beautiful! What a fantastic picture! Nothing going on here, it's just bitterly cold to go out side!

  6. Rainbow's are always nice to look at they are such a wonder, minus the scientific reasoning behind it all.
    The mountains looked majestic and cold.
    The football match on a wave swept beach priceless, what stamina these Postanio's have!

  7. Cold and rain here in Lazio. Love the rainbow.

  8. YAY. Sun is shining today!!!
    It's so strange after SO MUCH RAIN!

  9. Love your blog. Looking forward to much more!
    All the best,

  10. wow...that rainbow is so unusual. It looks like it is fighting that big storm cloud, to extend into a full arc. Very cool!

  11. Dont feel too bad - it was raining here in San Diego from Monday until last night - finally the sun is out and everything looks beautiful! Spring is on its way.

  12. Love your beautifully written blog.
    Love your soaps.
    Love Positano.
    Oh, memories.
    Love from Iceland.


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