Wednesday, January 27

Sometimes I despair. I really wonder what goes through the heads of some people.... My daughter has just come home from school (she is a few days shy of her 7th birthday).

"Mummy, we watched a film!"
"Ooh, that's nice, what film was it?"
"Um, it was The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas..."
"WHAT?" I replied, thinking I must have been confused with another film, for surely they wouldn't show a 12-15 rated film about the Holocaust to a bunch of six and seven year olds...But...

"Mummy, they had to take all their clothes off...and there was a sort of rain...and a gas...I think it was like a fire..."

Gee, thanks teachers for that one...I'll put it right up there with the instructions not to speak to my daughter in English because she'll be taught by you, and the time you presumed I couldn't read because I am foreign...


  1. holy cow, I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT!!!

    i watched that about two months ago and was expecting somewhat of a non-horrifying ending...the whole movie played like a Lifetime made for TV movie...but nope, everyone is gased in the end, including two little boys.

    ack. yeah those teachers are d.u.m.b.

  2. Oh my word, that is unbelievable.....I haven't even watched the film.

    How absolutely DUMB are those teachers..!!!!

  3. I'm just sitting here shaking my head and back and forth wondering why would they show such a film to children so young! How disturbing. I don't think I could even watch that one. I find it hard to watch movies where children die.

  4. That is awful...what the h*ll is wrong with those teachers??

  5. Let's see... we allowed Alexander to watch King Kong at that age, and Pirates of the Caribbean (remember that Davy Jones figure he bought in Amalfi when we were all there that first time?).... they're filled with action and guns and fights but they are also very clearly fiction movies.
    A half-documentary about the holocaust is educational and good but even I think it's way too early to show it to kids that age. If they necessarily had to show them a film about that wouldn't, say, La Vita è Bella have been better?

  6. ah, this was probably how they thought... I looked up the film on imdb and in the summary it says "a story seen through the innocent eyes of Bruno, the eight-year-old son...". So they probably thought it would be ---------- no, I still don't think it's ok. Not in the least.

  7. Children that age are too young for that film. Having them know that there was a Holocaust is a good idea, however i think they could have taught about it in an age appropriate way.

    To change the subject: Happy birthday to your daughter.

  8. Oh no, I'm sorry about that. I guess we should all be relieved that she didn't understand most of it but it's just one more stress you don't need.

    It's a conversation that should be have with your children ... when they're probably a wee bit older.

    Good luck when you chat with the teachers about their choice.

  9. The school over here viewed parts of Troy when my daughter was 9 or 10 to show them what the buildings looked like back then... I am pretty sure they could have found a more educational based programme... but perhaps the teachers copy of troy is cheaper than purchasing a proper programme

    I haven't seen the film but goodness me that seems a bit much

    x Alex

  10. There is a time and place for everything, that film was not the right one for this time and place in your young daughters life.
    The holocaust should be explained
    in more simple terms, if the child should ask, not exposed at such a young age visually.A note should have been sent home to ask permission from you .
    Those teachers are sadly lacking in common sense!

  11. Before moving to Italy I dealt with the Palm Beach County School District on a regular basis and for various reasons. The one common thread in all of the situations was ignorance. It seems that you are dealing with the same thing with your school...I am so sorry that you have to deal with situations like that. I understand what it feels like and the frustration you must be feeling.

    What asses!!!

  12. That is a bit of a shocking film for children that young. We watched Anne Frank's Diary at that age, which certainly wasn't quite as bad. I think the teachers should have really spoken to the parents before showing that film...But I guess thats not an option for italian schools ? How did your daughter cope ?

  13. Wow, couldn't that traumatize her for life? I remember at 10 years old a teacher reading Edar Allan Poe and I am still disturbed by the thought!

  14. ex Praiano residentFebruary 5, 2010 at 10:32 AM

    One of the many reasons why I moved my kids back to Australia.....

  15. may be time for homeschoolin, no?

  16. "may be time for homeschoolin, no?"

    Yes ! Yes !!!

    Sick of being in a "expats in Italy home educating group"

    But aside from my selfish leanings, I'd lay money on somebody having got their hands on the film, making massive assumptions and playing it for the kids without having watched it first themselves.

    Were they playing it in religione class by any chance ?

    Because I know a way how to withdraw child from that class without giving the five years, in quadruplet, notice.... if the teacher is a full time divet worth considering.

    It does involve converting to Islam in the school office, but that takes less time than you'd think and has the desired effect of the staff waiving all the normal paperwork and waiting times.


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