Wednesday, February 24

New Video: Gianni Menichetti

You may remember me occasionally writing about my lovely friend Gianni who lives in a magic valley alone with all his animal friends. Well finally someone has made a short film about him and it it a beautiful, very well made piece. Lina Eve has given me permission to post it here so please take a few minutes and watch it:

Gianni Menichetti is an Italian poet, artist and activist. He lives near Positano on the Amalfi coast in a wild valley with his large family of animals. Gianni was the long time lover of the fabulous Vali Myers, the stunningly talented Australian artist who discovered the Moorish pavilion many decades ago and made the valley her home. Gianni has been living alone in the valley for many years now and fights to keep this rare jewel of nature safe from developers. Gianni creates beautiful, delicate artwork, and booklets of poetry, which he sells to make his living and feed his animals. He has also written the definitive biography of Vali Myers. "Vali Myers, a memoir" which includes the classic love story of their long time relationship. Music by the Gaia Choir & Officina Zoe & Filmed on location by Danny Fitzgerald and Lina Eve. Produced and edited by Lina Eve. copyright 2010. Still photos by Marco Bakker & Lina Eve

Gianni Menichetti's website:

Lina Eve's website:

Marco's website:


  1. Thankyou to Lina Eve for granting you permission and to you for sharing this film. What an interesting man and a delightful insight into his life.

  2. What a beautiful paradise! I'm so glad there are people like Gianni in the world. I wish I had a Gianni living in the forest behind my house. The people who own the land are sold the land to developers who are going to build houses! We need more Gianni's.

  3. thank you for sharing this wondrous human being , so full of love of life and strong in his belief to nurture and tend this enchanted valley he was destined to protect.
    Gianni your poetry lifts the spirit and your tree roosters give bubbles of laughter.Your quite the niffy dancer as well. Thanks Charlie and Lina for sharing such a unique spirit.

  4. this was my first visit here. the sea glass in your banner made me drool with envy and the video, simply beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful film.... Compliments to Lina Eve for bringing this story to life xx

  6. That made my day. A lush exquisite visit.

    Isn't technology exciting?
    How else would we have the privilege of basking in this extraordinary space.

    My 5. y. o. vegetarian son was entranced throughout the film,
    asking " Who is that?"
    "Gianni", I replied.
    "Oh, Gianni, a very good friend of animals"... he remarked.

    What a beautiful man.
    Thanks Nikki for the thoughtfulness.
    Many blessings,

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