Thursday, August 19


Pink sky at night, sailors delight:

One of many weddings pass by on the pier:

'Octopus' Paul Allen from Microsoft's superyacht pulls into the harbour:

Sudden June rainstorm. The girls dress up and splash around outside:

View from work 1. They are probably posing for their pre-wedding photo album, a popular tradition in these parts:

View from work 2. A bit much dontya think? In front of the children and all that:


  1. Yeah that is a bit much! The girls are so cute!!!!

  2. That is WAY too much on the main beach! I'm all for open mind and do what you feel but, HELLO there are plenty of hidden beaches where one can go au naturel.

  3. Crikey.... thats a bit over the top... not the kind of serpent you want to see at the seaside....

    the girls are so cute.. loving their make-up!

    x Alex

  4. What a varied collection of photos today, my favourite is the first one:)

  5. Well I can only say, hope the ltiitle pr.....k got burned for showing off.
    On a public beach with children about, he should have been smacked, across the head , use common sense.


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