Thursday, August 19


First day out this summer on a boat:

Mummy duck shows off baby duckling:

Rough sea causes havoc as all boats and cabins are in danger of being washed away:

Mummy duck comes to visit twice a day, we feed her seeds from a duck cup:

On my way to work, 8am and all is calm:

The last day of May seems like winter never left:


  1. It seems it was a late start to summer all over Italy this year. I love the empty street photo, it looks so different.

  2. The cabins look so funny in that picture, like children's playhouses :)

    Good to see you posting again, we've missed you!

  3. What a beautiful walkway to lovely! :)

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and my mouth fell open when I saw the beach glass. I collect beach glass and have some from Ireland and Mexico and Washington State. I am interested to learn more! Jo

  5. A canapy of flowers to walk under on ones to work must make you samile every morning, its enchanting.


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