Wednesday, August 25


I watched two local teenage girls walking along the pier, arm in arm as the sky turned milky pink early one evening. Nearby on the beach a young speckled seagull strutted around, drinking from a small stream that trickled into the sea.

" Look, it's a duck!" said one girl to the other, pointing at the seagull.
" Ma quanto sei scema, how stupid you are!" replied the other girl, "that's not a duck, it's a turkey!"
" Aaah, va bene", the first girl stood corrected, accepting her friends superior knowledge.

They stood for a while and watched the turkey-duck that was actually a seagull, and eventually strolled off happily,


  1. i can kind of accept the duck, but turkey?! Wow.

  2. Teenage?
    You should ask them about boys and makeup and Gucci, Vuittons.
    THEN they will teach YOU something.
    Don't you know how it works here?
    A turkey ... SIGH!

  3. OMG, too funny! A turkey duck would be delicious for thanksgiving if there were such a

  4. That sounds like a joke - too bad it was a real life situation.

  5. That is so funny and dreadful! Almost as bad as children who think milk comes from a bottle.

  6. And I thought that the USA had the market cornered on teenage geniuses!


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