Friday, September 10

After the storm passed last night we heard the rescue trucks, sirens blazing on their way to Atrani. More passed by this afternoon, pausing to ask for directions at the crossroads.

We were at home, watching the waterfalls outside the windows:


  1. I love Atrani, our thoughts have been with everyone who lives there since we heard of this devasting tragedy. That water is sure running fast outside your home.
    Take Care

  2. That is a lot of water! I am so heartbroken for Atrani, I bet you're happy you "only" get waterfalls and not mud slides!

  3. Glad to see that you are okay. I heard that a poor young girl got washed away and was worried. Your video is beautiful! The amount of power that water has is amazing. These mudslides remind me of what happened to Sarno in 1998 it was my grandfather's town.

  4. Wow that water is crazy fast!! Very sad to hear about Atrani!! Take care! xxoo :)


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