Monday, November 1

End of season:

The leaves on the vines turn a glorious red, the clouds settle down low and darken the skies. By the way, this is the view from the (very small) childrens park. Most of the mothers sit with their backs to the view, facing the road. I always sit with my back to the road facing the view!

Happy Halloween! This little witch insisted on very unappropriate and unwitchlike hair, but earned a load of treats anyhow:

And Happy All Saints and Souls day from possibly the most colourful cemetary in the world:


  1. Happy Halloween, she looks amazing!
    She is getting so big!

  2. I would sit facing the views too ;-) amazing, and cannot believe the most vibrate colourful cemetary .

    Happy All Saints day and Souls day.

    Your little girl looks brilliant :-)

  3. I would definitely be facing that gorgeous view too!! Now, that is the kind of witch I like - she is adorable! :) xxoo

  4. A post! A post! ;) ... and the most endearing little witch <3

  5. Annika, I had your same reaction ...
    A post!
    How cute is that witch???
    I have always thought and will always say that we have the most wonderful cemetery.

  6. I bet that little darling bewitched everybody, she is such a gorgeous young lady!


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