Monday, November 8

Coccobello body balm

Fresh batch of Coccobello body balms just made!

Messy! Trying to put together an order of half sized soaps to be sent to MOUNT EVEREST in Kathmandu!! I kid you not, I am going global! Other orders this week from Sweden, Canada and Japan!
Anyway I am now in cold rainy England and have plenty of time to make soaps and creams, bearing in mind that I have to re-find all my equipment, jars, bottles, labels etc as every time I go away my Dad tidies all of my things away into the most unlikely places!


  1. Your products look gorgeous! Here in Ghana we have raw cocoa butter and shea butter and it's a shame I don't know how to refine them into such products!!

  2. Wow that is sooooooooo amazing .. Well done :-)

    You need to get a few stacking boxes for you equipment at your dad's house :-)

  3. It's pouring here as well ... with MASSIVEcologis waves ... seems like ages ago you were canoeing yet it was a mere 3 days ago ...


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